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Avoid Shin Splints By Following This Warm-Up
Video by Nuno Costa

If you struggle with shin splints, then make sure to read Coach Nuno’s blog post about the causes and cures for shin splints as well as following this warm-up before you run. Enjoy stronger shins and less pain when running by just incorporating these drills before your running session.

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Invictus Athlete Spotlight: Corey Reutlinger
Interviewed by Tino Marini

Corey has been a part of the Invictus community since 2015, you will likely have seen his name on the blog as he is a meticulous record keeper and posts results almost everyday. 2016 was a great year for Corey as he racked up an impressive list of PR’s! If you were to see a video of his air squat a year ago you would not think it was the same athlete. His accomplishments have been outstanding and we thought it would be fun to share his story and achievements with the rest of the Invictus Community.

Shoulder to Overhead Barbell Warm-Up
Video by Gaje McDaniel

There are many ways to prepare our shoulders for overhead movements as we saw in Mondays post (link post). Dynamic, static, and banded stretching are great ways to start warming up prior to grabbing a barbell. When we choose to finally warm-up with a barbell, it’s important to implement technique as we warm up.

This is a very simple drill and is also one of my favorites. We start with three movements: strict press, push jerk, and split jerk. Each time we are adding more movement to allow for all muscle groups to get their chance to warm-up and prep for the movements in our training session.

Do Not Skip Your Shoulder Warm-Up! Do THIS Instead
Written by Michele Vieux

It’s really easy to skip a warm-up on a because it’s “just shoulder press” and “we are starting light”. However I highly recommend that you DO warm-up by spending your time doing simple mobility and activation drills for the thoracic, shoulders and scaps to better prepare your body for this feat of brute strength.

Here’s a 10-minute warm-up you can do that only requires a roller or lacrosse ball:

  1. 3-4 Minutes of foam rolling the lats and thoracic.

Tips for Perfecting the Tall Jerk
Written by Gaje McDaniel

At the end of the day, strength plays a major role in Olympic weightlifting, but without technique, strength can only take you so far. Many athletes overlook the technique aspect and sometimes become too lazy to take the time out of their training session to work on it. The tall jerk drill is very quick and simple, allowing us to practice footwork while still performing the necessary overhead lockout and punch.

This drill simplifies the movement of the split jerk and helps an athlete focus on simple points of performance:

  • Fast Feet
  • Fast Hands
  • Vertical Chest
  • Strong Landing Position (NOT SOFT)

If you’re an athlete struggling with the concept of punching yourself down and under the barbell,