The Power Clean
Written by Nichole Kribs

A Power Clean is an Olympic Lift and is a full-body exercise where an athlete takes a barbell from the floor and efficiently moves to their shoulders – Read More


Food: Feeling or Fueling?
Written by Melissa Hurley

Is food a feeling for you? Or is it a fuel source? Have you ever said, “I was so bad last night. I had ice cream”Read More


Girl Scout Rejection Strategies
Written by Michele Vieux

Rejection is a part of life and at this time of year, it is especially important for everyone to embrace. It is important for you, as the Read More

Rethink Your Breathing
Written by Kirsten Ahrendt

Breathing is like running…just because we can do it innately, doesn’t mean we’re performing it optimally for long term health or optimal performance. After reading “The Oxygen Advantage”, … Read More