Masters athlete Nuno Costa posing in the San Diego Invictus gym.
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Competing As A Master’s Athlete

By: Nuno Costa It’s been almost 16 years since I started doing CrossFit and my first year competing at the…

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Female Invictus athlete pulling the barbell from the floor
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Off-Season Strength Training

By: Hunter Britt Off season is a time to specialize in the areas that need the most attention. When it comes to…

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A Stronger For Life athlete is coached in Seattle.
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What is CrossFit and Is It For Anyone?

By: Nuno Costa I started doing CF when I was 29 and I am now 45 -…

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Sam happily jumping into the off season.
Goal Setting, Recovery, philosophy

Embracing the Off-Season: A Guide for Athletes

Image By: Beau Hauser By: Sam Dancer Off-season begins! For a 37-year-old family man who runs multiple businesses…

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Group photo of members of Invictus Fitness promoting Sweat For A Cause
Thought Provoking, community, philosophy

Why Pride is Important in Fitness: Celebrating Inclusivity and Community

By Tiffany Ammerman CrossFit is more than just working out; it’s about creating a place…

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Coach Kirsten going over the WOD at the whiteboard.
Tips for Coaching, community, strategy

4 Tips For Coaching A Class With A Broad Spectrum Of Skill Level

Written By: Kirtsen Ahrendt It’s lovely when most of your class is…

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Team Invictus Unconquerable poses before the competition.
Semi-Finals, competition, individuals, teams

West Coast Classic 2024 Overview: Invictus Athletes and Teams

West Coast Classic 2024 Invictus Teams and Athletes Performance By: Tiffany Ammerman The West Coast Classic 2024 showcased the prowess of Invictus athletes and teams,…

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An athlete doing a deadlift in the gym
Goal Setting, Olympic Lifting, strategy

Mastering PR Attempts: A Strategy for Success

By: Jared Enderton & Tiffany Ammerman   Why tying your PR should be avoided at all costs: Setting…

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Team Invictus athletes standing together in the gym.
Semi-Finals, competition, individuals, teams

Countdown to Carson: CrossFit Invictus Semi-Finals Showdown

Countdown to Carson: CrossFit Invictus Athletes at Semi-Finals  Written by: Tiffany Ammerman Check out which CrossFit Invictus athletes will be competing at Semi-Finals in Carson,…

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programming, strategy, training

How Important Is Programming For CrossFit?

Written by Kelly Sekulovski    If you are interested in CrossFit, you will hear a lot about this word…

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An athlete working on technique with a barbell.
Goal Setting, training, weightlifting

The Art of Weightlifting Technique: A Path to Breaking Plateaus

The Art of Weightlifting Technique: A Path to Breaking Plateaus Written By: Jared Enderton & Tiffany Ammerman Ever find yourself stuck in a rut with…

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Community is cheering on an athlete working out.
CrossFit Open, Testimonials, community

Fitness Is Cool But It’s The Community for Me

By Kim McLaughlin   ** This is a story about pregnancy loss – it may be…

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Sam Dancer making heavy weights look light
programming, weightlifting

Want To Get Strong This Off Season? Join the 2024 Invictus Offseason Cycle

Written by Holden Rethwill  It’s that time of year to build some…

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Someone scooping Momentous Creatine into their shaker bottle
Nutrition, Supplements

Do I Need Creatine?

Written by Kisha Carr  Creatine is used by the body to supply energy to cells, particularly muscle cells. This can help…

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Invictus Affiliate Programming
Testimonials, community, programming

Introducing Invictus Affiliate Programming

Invictus has been providing health and fitness excellence in coaching and programming for over 15 years. With the launch of the…

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