Garret Fisher is Motivated & Ready for Regionals!
Video by Taylor Conlon

Pushed and motivated by the other competitive athletes at Invictus on the daily, three-time Games athlete, Garret Fisher, is ready to give it his all and push himself beyond the limits that seem possible. Watch him at the West Regional this weekend at Del Mar Arena!

What to Pack in Your Food Cooler for Competition Day
Written by Jean Thorson

It’s finally here. The big event that you have been training hard for. The gym bag is packed with all your shoes, two jump ropes, knee sleeves, lifting belt, tape, extra socks, a couple changes of clothes, towels, mobility gadgets and everything else to prepare you for the gym floor. But what about that food cooler? Is it packed with the essentials to keep you going until the end of that last workout? The last thing you want is to bonk on that last workout that is in your wheelhouse,

Distracted Ankle Mobility
Video by Libby Landry

Whether it be from injury or spending too much time in high heels, lots of people have limited ankle mobility which can cause poor positions in the squat, deadlift and even overhead. It is also maybe one of the top culprits of knee injuries in athletes, especially those who play sports with running and change of direction. Try this stretch before you lift, run or jump or even on your active recovery days to increase dorsiflexion of the ankle and lengthen the calf muscles. You should feel an immediate difference and notice you’re in a better position for many of your lifts!

Your 2018 CrossFit Regionals Checklist

The 2018 CrossFit Regionals are upon us! This is an exciting time of year and an opportunity for many to head to their Regionals and watch their affiliate, friends and training partners compete for a qualifying spot to the CrossFit Games!

To make your experience as enjoyable as possible, we have created this checklist to guide you through your Regionals as a spectator.

As a spectator, here are some informative tidbits to help you at Regionals:

Hotel and Carpooling
Most Regionals locations will be a drive from your home.


What Are You Doing From 9-5?

Written by Libby Landry

I’m sure for most of you reading this, the answer to the blog title is, “I’m at work…duh.” And that’s just the answer we wanted to hear. It’s where we spend majority of our waking hours each day, but sadly, the modern workplace frequently contributes to negatively impacting our health. Desk jobs lead to physical inactivity, stress that results in lack of sleep and poor dietary choices, and the rise in prevalence of chronic disease.

We look at everything that happens at work as an integrated experience that impacts daily life in and outside of the workplace,