Invictus Athlete doing a heavy overhead squat.
Olympic Lifting

You Overhead Squat WAY More Than You Snatch, So What’s the Problem?

Written by Jared Enderton This is by far one of the most popular…

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An Invictus coach coaching an Invictus athlete while she rows.

Fitness, Friendship, and Family

Video by Tyson Oldroyd This pretty much sums up what you get with your Invictus membership. Thanks to our friends at…

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Two women practicing a Yoga Nidra session on their gym mats in a park.
Recovery, anatomy and physiology, mindset

Yoga Nidra – My Secret Weapon

Written by Fritz Nugent Those that sleep well know the power of consistently good sleep. They recover from training…

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Invictus Athlete and online program follower, Candy Olkey, doing a side plank in her home gym.
people profiles, success stories

Unveiling the Inclusivity of CrossFit Online Programming

Written by Tiffany Ammerman  Often associated with elite athletes and grueling gym sessions, CrossFit might seem daunting to…

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Invictus Weightlifter with a massively heavy barbell in the front rack position getting ready to go overhead.
Olympic Lifting, philosophy

Getting Stronger is More Important for Your CrossFit Game Than You Think

Written by Jared Enderton If you think of CrossFit competitions – how many…

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Two people doing a "cheers" with ice cream bars.

Always Nibblin on the Sweet Stuff?

Written by Kim McLaughlin Have you ever felt so full that you couldn’t possibly take another bite of your…

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Invictus Masters Athlete, Kevin Koester, uses the grinding breath technique while grinding out deadlifts at the 2023 CrossFit Games.
anatomy and physiology

Grinding vs Explosive Breathing

Written by Fritz Nugent There are a number of different breathing styles. One can argue infinite variations. For many people, CrossFit…

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Invictus Masters athlete, Cheryl Brost, competing in the sled event at the 2023 CrossFit Games.
mindset, philosophy, success stories

Ask Cheryl Brost: Does Getting Older Make You a Wiser Athlete?

  Interview by Michele Vieux Wisdom in athletics, as in life, is often gained through…

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Invictus Masters Athlete, Jenn Ryan, snatches in the Olympic Total event at the 2022 CrossFit Games.
Olympic Lifting, mobility

5 Tips to Improve Your Mobility for Weightlifting

Written by Jared Enderton Mobility plays a crucial role in weightlifting as it can significantly impact your…

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Colorful veggies on a cutting board surrounding "eat veg" spelled out in sweet peas.

What Does Fiber Help Improve?

Supplementing With Fiber Written by Fritz Nugent Research on dietary fiber has consistently shown that it offers numerous health benefits. Dietary fiber is a type…

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Chandler Smith pushes a sled at the 2023 CrossFit Games in Event 4.

Chandler Smith – 7th Fittest Man in the World

Chandler Smith CrossFit Games There is not much else to say besides Chandler Smith is the 7th Fittest Man on Earth! This has been a…

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Invictus group coaching members using the Assault Runners and Bikes with the open gym door in the background.

What’s the Most effective Nutrition Protocol? 

Written by Kim McLaughlin I work with a diverse group of individuals when it comes to nutrition. Most of…

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Invictus team athlete about to snatch at the CrossFit Games.
Olympic Lifting

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Hook Grip

Written by Jared Enderton Many athletes who don’t hook grip think, “Well I lift the same…

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Invictus team athlete celebrating after a successful lift at the CrossFit Games.
exercises, philosophy

3 Common Fitness Terms to Know

Written by Kisha Wilson You might hear coaches or fellow athletes throw around some of this fitness jargon. It’s…

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Invictus Athlete Coach, Holden Rethwill, watching Team Invictus compete at the 2023 CrossFit Games.
Testimonials, people profiles, philosophy, success stories

Our Athletes, Our Family!

Post-Games Interview With Invictus Athlete Coach Holden Rethwill Interview by Fritz Nugent Invictus is known for a lot of things. Longevity…

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