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Competitive Comprehensive Programs

These programs are geared toward individuals hoping to compete, at any level.

Total Programs: 5

Invictus Athlete Program

Our athlete development program is designed to effectively push athletes to achieve their competitive goals. We provide a primary and optional training sessions each day, and guide athletes to address their weaknesses and continue to improve in the sport of fitness.

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Invictus Masters Program

This program is specifically designed for the 40+ athlete with the understanding that mature athletes need to make the most of their training time and volume. Emphasis is placed on mobility, managing volume and specific scaling for the various Masters age groups.

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Invictus Weightlifting 5-Day Program

This comprehensive program is designed for athletes who want to focus on Olympic Weightlifting, as well as building relative and positional strength. Designed and coached by Jared Enderton, this program will allow all levels of athletes to thrive and set new PRs on their snatch and clean & jerk.

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Invictus Competition Program

Our Competition Program is designed for the recreational athlete who wants to maximize their 60-90 minute training sessions, so that they can compete at local events.

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Supplemental Programs

These programs are designed to supplement your current training program.

Total Programs: 4

Invictus Gymnastics Program

Focusing time on your gymnastics, no matter what level you’re at, will improve your training. This program focuses on improving bodyweight gymnastics, and is designed with various levels of progression and volume each session. You will have a clear path to improvement no matter what level you are at with your gymnastics.

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Invictus Weightlifting 3-Day Program

Athletes who want to improve their weightlifting technique and performance will receive 3 days of programming and coaching by Jared Enderton. The program is carefully designed to be the perfect supplement to your current program, allowing you to grow stronger in your lifts and continue your regular training.

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Invictus Endurance Program

Building your engine for the sport of fitness is imperative. This program was designed to supplement your training with 3 running sessions per week to build your engine and improve your work capacity. The program is written to supplement your current CrossFit training with a focus on building your engine, making you faster and improving your running mechanics while getting you ready for specific distances which vary throughout the training season.

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Julien Pineau’s Strongman Program

This 2-3 day/week program is designed to be an accessory program for athletes looking to fix and hone in on structural imbalances. The program will focus on corrective exercises, stability work and building structural balance using strongman training principles.

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1-on-1 Coaching

These programs are geared toward athletes looking to improve their overall health and fitness to live an active, rewarding lifestyle.

Total Programs: 1

Individualized Program Design & Remote Coaching

Every athlete has different strengths and weaknesses; each requires a different approach to maximizing his or her athletic potential. If you want to improve as efficiently as possible, but cannot train with us in San Diego, individual program design and remote coaching is our best solution.

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Fitness Comprehensive Programs

These programs are geared toward athletes looking to improve their overall health and fitness to live an active, rewarding lifestyle.

Total Programs: 3

Invictus Athlete X

Explosive, strong and agile…if your goal is to optimize your athleticism, and do sport-specific training, this is your program. This program incorporates plyometrics for speed and power, rotational drills for structural balance, and effective progressions to help you optimize your strength.

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Performance Program

We use proven methods to increase your speed, strength and overall fitness. Our classic general physical preparedness program incorporates the best that the world of strength and conditioning has to offer – Olympic lifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, sprinting, mobility, and more.

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Fitness Program

We put together one of the most effective and proven programs to promote long-term weight loss, strength and overall health. This program is comprised of simple movements that deliver the most efficient ways to improve body composition and keep you healthy and balanced.

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