How does it work?

Invictus has been providing health and fitness coaching excellence and programming for over 15 years. With the launch of the Invictus Affiliate Programming, gym owners can now purchase Invictus programming for their gym, to bring that same level of excellence to their community.

What is the programming like?

Invictus Programming includes access to the following tracks: 

    • Performance: This is your classic CrossFit track – each day, a strength and a metcon, and not always in that order. 
    • Fitness: This is where most humans should train for health and longevity. Members will see body composition changes, increased lean muscle mass, improved conditioning and movement quality by incorporating unilateral exercises, tempo training, mobility supersets and upper/lower splits. 
    • Muscle: Traditional strength training meets body building meets CrossFit. These classes look easy on paper, but rest assured, they will thoroughly smoke you. CrossFitters who wish to put on slabs of muscle mass will love this track.
    • Motor: This program develops your engine – without having to know how to cycle a barbell! This class is perfect for the CrossFitter that needs to improve their conditioning as well as a member training for outdoor adventures and weekend races. 
    • Strength: Classic and neo-classical strength training periodization models meet CrossFit and bodybuilding. Similar to the “Muscle” track, but with more longitudinal structure to the main strength progressions, this track is for the more advanced members who desire to prioritize strength adaptations.
    • Running: Features three sessions per week of training geared towards helping CrossFitters improve their running without overtraining. This track fits seamlessly with all of our other tracks.

What is included with being Powered by Invictus?

Being Powered by Invictus, you’ll have access to:

  • Whiteboard video briefs with Invictus coaches discussing the programming for the day and the intention behind the programming
  • Coaching notes and customization options 
  • Exclusive deals with Invictus partners 
  • Discounts on Invictus University coaching cohorts for you and your staff 
  • Exclusive Events 
  • Monthly newsletter with information from successful gym owners within the Invictus network 



Nichole Kribs

Nichole started coaching and competing with Invictus in 2009, making CrossFit Games appearances on Team Invictus for 4 years. She spent years coaching group classes and individual members at our inaugural CrossFit location. She then went on to create and develop the Invictus Masters program in 2014, the first and one of the few of its kind in the CrossFit world. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Health Studies. She’s been able to help hundreds on their fitness journey and her greatest satisfaction comes from seeing each person reach goals on a regular basis (big or small), sharing those accomplishments within the Invictus community.
Coach Holden

Holden Rethwill

Holden has been a coach with Invictus for over 8 years now. Prior to that he owned and operated a gym in Washington, and before that he started in the industry working as a personal trainer while in college. Holden’s background in athletics includes football, basketball and baseball (the former he played in college) as well as competing multiple times at the CrossFit Games as both an individual and on a team. Post competitive career he transitioned from coaching primarily group and specialty classes to running the Invictus Athlete program and being the head of in-house athlete development. Holden still coaches a few competition classes but the bulk of his duties now involve our online programs, in house games level athletes, and personal program design clients.

Fritz Nugent

Fritz was a collegiate decathlete and has coached Track & FIeld, CrossFit, Strongman, and Rugby. He has a masters in sports conditioning and performance, loves the challenge of coaching and training at the best gym in the world - Invictus - because it pushes him to become a better coach, a smarter athlete, and a more courageous person.
Masters athlete Nuno Costa posing in the San Diego Invictus gym.

Nuno Costa

Nuno began his coaching career in 2008, became a full time coach by 2009 and hasn't looked back since. He started coaching at CF SoCal and moved over to Invictus in 2009 and was part of the coaching staff till 2019. During his time at Invictus he had the opportunity to represent Team Invictus at the CrossFit Games for 8 years - 7 on the team including leading the team that won the cup in 2014 and once as Masters Individual (40-44) where he placed 4th. Aside from coaching at affiliates and competing, Nuno has also been a road warrior coaching seminars since early 2010 when he was part of the original CrossFit Endurance team. He became part of the seminar staff for CF HQ in early 2012 and has done over 350+ seminars worldwide. Nuno became a flowmaster on seminar staff in 2018 leading the courses and mentoring the younger staff. He recently returned to Invictus to continue helping individuals redefine what's possible with their health and fitness goals.

C.J. Martin

C.J. Martin has participated as a coach and/or athlete at every CrossFit Games. Since Invictus opened in 2009, CJ has coached more than 50 individuals and dozens of masters athletes to the CrossFit Games. The Invictus affiliate team has qualified for the CrossFit Games for 10 consecutive years and placed in the top 7 five of those years – taking 1st place and earning their first affiliate cup championship at the 2014 and 2023 CrossFit Games.
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