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A coach who wants to develop more than just “Xs & Os” coaching knowledge.

What it does

Teaches you how to transition your gym programming and culture to foster a community that welcomes “customization” and “intention”.

What you get

5 weeks of coach-directed, online coursework that includes 17+ modules and live weekly discussions.

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Health and performance coaching is a blend of science and art.

Every coach that steps onto the floor aims to be effective and impactful in order to guide clients to their goals. In order to do so, the best coaches cultivate a sound understanding of both the technical and the tactical; the science – physiology and strength & conditioning principles. The art – a developed skill set in communication, emotional intelligence, group management, negotiation, and culture.

Invictus University will teach you the principles and methods that we have used for over a decade to develop top-tier professional coaches that are committed to their craft.

When coaches understand and implement these tools and philosophies, they curate more enriching experiences for members and classes on the floor, have greater impact on client’s goal achievement, foster a greater sense of community within the gym, and ultimately influence higher membership retention.

Meet Your Coaches

Kirsten Ahrendt

Director of Coach Development Master Coach

Kirsten has been coaching, managing, and leading at Invictus for over 6 years. Previously, she was a member of the U.S. 7’s Rugby team, graphic designer, and business owner. She thinks critically and creatively about the coaching profession and aims to inspire and educate other coaches to evolve society’s relationship with health, fitness and performance. She has coached humans on their way to a variety of goals - summiting Kilimanjaro, BUD/S selection, and navigating postpartum and pregnancy fitness. She believes deeply in the huge, untapped potential for community-based health coaches to positively impact people's health and lives.

C.J. Martin

Owner / Founder Master Coach

C.J. Martin is a Level 4 CrossFit instructor, USA Weightlifting Coach and former member of the CrossFit HQ training team. He believes that fitness is a medium for learning to cultivate an unconquerable mindset that will lead to not only improved health, but also happiness and success in all aspects of life. C.J. has coached more than 60 individuals and dozens of Masters athletes to the CrossFit Games. He has also coached Team Invictus to the CrossFit Games for 11 consecutive years. He has worked with athletes around the world through online coaching and program design since 2009, but still prefers the day-to-day interaction with athletes of all ages and abilities that walk through the doors of Invictus’ physical facilities.

Kim McLaughlin

Manager Master Coach, Nutrition Specialist

After earning her Masters degree in Sports Psychology in 2012, Kim left corporate America and became a full-time Invictus employee. Since then, she has gained experience in various coaching, managing and leadership roles, which allows her to mentor new coaches with a holistic and integrated approach. Kim has pursued a diverse coaching education, most recently focused on nutrition and hormone panels.

Fritz Nugent

Olympic Lifting Coach Master Coach, Nutrition Specialist

Fritz began his coaching career in 2008 as an assistant track and field coach at the University of Illinois. Since then, he has helped thousands of athletes across dozens of sports as they trained towards their best selves. Fritz is a big fan of each one of his athletes, envisions success for them all, and works diligently to help them thrive. His favorite coaching areas are Olympic Weightlifting, sprinting, and mindset. You can find him at Invictus in downtown San Diego. He is married with a new baby, and two sweet cats.


"Invictus U is an essential course whether you have been coaching for a long period of time or are new to the industry. If you are looking to improve your coaching skills, look no further. I particularly found the sections on dual-track programming, member-centric, tribes, and movement analysis to be useful as well as our discussions on open-ended questions. Having the opportunity to both observe Invictus coaches AND lead class was extremely beneficial. There's nothing like learning through experience.” - Nick DeLong, Coach

“This content will be pivotal as I build out a new fitness gym. This content has everything needed to technically and inclusively build a coaching culture for long-term fitness not cut-throat competition and comparison. I am thrilled to bring this content to my coaching team and develop a gym culture together of inclusion and intentional coaching. We are very fortunate to have Invictus's years of expertise to build a coaching foundation that is athlete-focused on longevity and their goals for the day. Thank you!” - Krystal Peterson FCA, Equip Fitness Gym Owner and Head Coach


What is Invictus University?

A 5-week online coaching development curriculum teaching the principles and methods that Invictus has used for over a decade to develop top-tier professional GPP coaches that are committed to their craft.

Content will cover:

  • The purpose and intention of Invictus-specific programming
  • Effectively coaching dual-track classes
  • Techniques and tactics for spotting
  • Preventing, and improving poor movement in group and private training sessions
  • Tactics to cultivate relationships and community
  • Communication
  • Group management
  • And much more

How is the Invictus University curriculum delivered?

The curriculum will be delivered in its entirety in a PDF format, as well as an online digital learning environment. You will have lifetime access to the curriculum.

What do I receive upon completion of the Invictus University curriculum?

Upon completion of Invictus University, participants will be eligible to participate in Invictus Coach’s Week and virtual mentoring sessions.

Who is Invictus University for?

This curriculum is for coaches and gym-owners, from novice to experienced. You’ll elevate your technical coaching eye and skillset, as well as your tactical skills to communicate and guide a broad spectrum of members to a variety of goals, in both group-class or 1:1 coaching environments. You’ll build confidence in how to adapt and customize generalized group programming for the individuals you serve while maintaining a cohesive and effective group flow.

What is included?

Online curriculum with 17+ modules. Five weekly live zoom lectures with an Invictus Master Coach reviewing coaching curriculum, exercises, and special topics. A group of like-minded and passionate coaching classmates to exchange ideas and learn from.

How many years of coaching experience should I have?

We suggest that you have at least 1 year of coaching experience to participate in this curriculum. Having at least some coaching experience will help you to transfer and adapt the skills and creatively implement the methods we discuss into your own coaching environment. 

Will this curriculum teach me how to program for my gym?

No, this curriculum does not teach the principles of GPP programming for large gym populations or individual client goals. We discuss the programming focus and intentions around the programming utilized at Invictus gyms; as well, we teach coaches how to evaluate and identify the focus and intended stimulus of any program so that they can properly integrate other coaching skills such as customizations for clients while staying aligned to a program stimulus. If you are a gym owner looking to outsource programming for your community, you can purchase Invictus affiliate programming here.

How many hours/week does this course take? 

Anticipate setting aside 2-3 hours/week total on this curriculum. Past participants have reported completing the weekly reading and exercise portions in 45-90 minutes. In addition, 1.5 hours each week is reserved for online zoom lectures.

Contact Learn@crossfitinvictus.com for inquires and information

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