Who it’s for

The 3-Day program is for CrossFitters who want to improve their Oly lifting so that they can perform better in workouts.

The 5-Day program is for weightlifters or athletes who want to start training as weightlifters.

Invictus Weightlifting Seminars

What it does

The 3-Day program is a supplemental program that allows you to get more technique practice and touches on the Oly lifts each week while you continue to follow a traditional training program.

The 5-Day program is a complete program designed for athletes who want to focus their training solely on Olympic lifting either for competition or for fun.

Host an Invictus Weightlifting Seminar at YOUR gym with coach Jared Enderton! Click the 'More Seminar Info' below to receive more information about having coach Jared come to your gym to host a seminar!

What you get

3 or 5 days per week of programming with a focus on skill and technique work plus video review and feedback from your coach.

Get Started

$39.99-$59.99 / month

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If you are looking to improve your Olympic Lifts – no matter what your current level is – this online training program is made for you.

You will improve your weightlifting technique and become more efficient – leading to new PRs!

The sessions can be added as a supplement to your current training program, or used as a stand-alone program. You will also have access to the Invictus Weightlifting Facebook group, where coach Jared Enderton will answer questions about the programming and review videos for technique critique.

Meet Your Coaches



Jared Enderton has been coaching Olympic Weightlifting and Strength & Conditioning at all levels for 10+ years. He conducts weightlifting seminars all around the world, having done more than 200 to date.

Jared made his way to the CrossFit Games for the first time in 2018 and is a 3x CrossFit Regionals athlete. He competed at the National level at the Olympic Training Center and is a USA Nationals Silver Medalist in the Clean & Jerk as well as a Strongman competitor prior to that.

Jared takes pride in coaching athletes of all levels, and pours his heart and soul into helping others achieve their training goals.


"I had just started to love weightlifting and wanted a specific program to improve my technique as well as get stronger. In my first few weeks on the program I was hitting PR after PR after PR. It was INSANE!"

"Since starting, I have increased my snatch #30 and my clean and jerk #50 - and I can't wait to max again to see how much they have improved since the last time I tested it."

"My backsquat 1RM from 14 months prior became my new 8RM! My front squat 1RM has jumped from around 270 to over 300. My deadlift... I went 30 pounds over my previous 1RM for an easy double."

"After looking back 10 months after starting this program I notice how drastic the improvement to my technique has been, due to Jared's coaching and video analysis. Yes, my weights increased, but my technique has grown leaps and bounds on all of my lifts!"

"The video analysis is great as he helps point out the small things that make a huge difference . The Invictus Weightlifting program has turned my weakness (jerks) into a strength which has helped me reach my goal of qualifying for the American Open Finals! Thanks Jared!"


Sample Training Day

Check out a sample training day!

How do I host an Invictus Weightlifting Seminar at my gym?

Download this PDF for more information on how you or your gym can host an Invictus Weightlifting Seminar!

I just joined the program, which week should I start on?

We always recommend starting with the week we are currently on – so you’ll jump right in where we are.

If I’m missing reps at the prescribed percentages what should I do?

If you miss a prescribed percentage two times in a row we recommend dropping down to your last made percentage and finishing the remaining reps at that weight.

Do I need to wear weightlifting shoes?

We highly recommend that you wear weightlifting shoes. Whether you’re a CrossFitter or a Weightlifter, the best weightlifters in the world wear them for a reason. They help.

Are weightlifting straps ok to wear?

Yes, as long as you don’t become dependent on them. We typically recommend them for Snatch complexes and Snatch/Clean Deadlift work. We do not recommend them for any Clean or Clean & Jerk work. If you’re snatching multiple times a week you may find it useful to wear them on one of the days to save your hands/thumbs a little bit.

Billing and Account Questions

Cancellation Policy

We are confident that our program will take you to the next level. However, if you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, simply email info@invictusathlete.com prior to your next renewal date and we will ensure that you are not billed for the next billing period. For more information on the cancellation or refund policy, head here.

Have more questions?

If you have any other questions you can:

1. Ask them on the Facebook page

2. Email info@invictusathlete.com for billing / account services

3. Email jaredenderton24@hotmail.com for programming / general questions.

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