Coach Holden judging team athletes during Quarterfinals

5 CrossFit Quarterfinals Tips 
Written by Kelly Sekulovski 

Individual Quarterfinals and AGOQ begin on Wednesday 4/17, and this year we will see more athletes take on this next stage of competition now that it has been expanded to the top 25%! 

While it’s too close to quarterfinals to make any drastic changes with your fitness, there are little tips and tricks that will help you get a leg up on the competition. 

Five Helpful CrossFit Quarterfinals Tips: 

  1. Review the floor plans that CrossFit releases and make sure you have some tape handy. The floor plan is very specific and very important so that no one gets an advantage by starting closer to a barbell, having faster transition times, etc. Take a look at the floor plan, ensure you have all the necessary equipment and make sure you take the time to set up the room.
  2. Filming and following the video standards can be one of the most challenging and time consuming things about quarterfinals. Review the video standards and ensure you follow all of the rules! There is nothing worse than letting a silly little mistake keep your score from counting. Clearly record your weights, get your tripod ready, and ensure your phone is charged and on airplane mode. “Making sure that you have a secure wifi connection, good camera, and trustworthy judge can make all the difference!”7th Fittest Man on Earth, Chandler Smith
  3. Review the workout rules multiple times, and take note of the equipment you are allowed to use. Can you wear grips? Can you use a belt? There isn’t much time during quarterfinals for a workout redo, so make sure you are getting the rules right the first time!
  4. Recovery between workouts is HUGE for quarterfinals. If you are taking on more than one workout in a day, this is a LOT on your body. Prioritizing fully recovering between workouts is important for your success in your next workout. Take time to fully cool down, mobilize, and drink water. “Typically I like my athletes to either go for a four hundred meter walk or hop on a bike and spin for four to five minutes at a super slow pace. This allows them to come back to homeostasis and kick- start the recovery process as well as decrease lactic acid throughout their body.” -Coach Holden Rethwill
  5. Upload your video well before the submission deadline to avoid any technical issues or missing the deadline! Sometimes internet issues, video issues, and other unforeseen problems can arise right around submission time. Don’t make the rookie mistake of waiting until the last minute to upload your videos only to have something happen and miss the deadline. Leave plenty of upload time!

Want more resources for CrossFit quarterfinals? 

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