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Invictus Seattle is Strong For Life
Written by Theresa James

Strong For Life was born from a desire to help our local aging community embrace a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle, with a fitness program tailored specifically for them, regardless of their age. We realized that society often associates aging with decline, so Strong For Life challenges this narrative by providing a supportive and inclusive environment for those seeking to enhance their strength, balance, and coordination.

Invictus Seattle: Strong For Life

Embracing Inclusivity

Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do in this program. We believe that fitness knows no age limit and that everyone deserves the opportunity to prioritize their health and well-being. Whether they’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or taking their first steps towards a more active lifestyle, this program is designed to meet the athlete where they are. Coach Teresa James, creator, programmer and shepherd of the Strong For Life program, has built a supportive community that guides athletes through every step of their journey, ensuring feelings of empowerment, inclusivity, and motivation along the way.

Connie, one of the founding members of this cohort says, “I have found a great community of fellow athletes to work out and commiserate with. The trainers are engaging, acknowledging, and encouraging each of us consistently.”

Targeted Programming for Everyday Functionality

One of the key pillars of Strong For Life is our targeted programming, which focuses on enhancing strength for functionality in everyday life. We understand that maintaining independence and vitality as we age is crucial, which is why our exercises are specifically curated to improve mobility, flexibility, and overall strength. Another frequent flyer in our program, Celia, says “This was the ‘missing piece’ to the other physical activities I already I had in my life.” From lifting groceries to navigating stairs with ease, our program equips you with the strength and confidence to tackle life’s challenges head-on.

Aerobic Capacity and Beyond

In addition to strength training, Strong For Life also prioritizes increasing aerobic capacity, ensuring that participants enjoy a well-rounded fitness experience. The program offers a variety of low-impact cardio options to suit various athlete preferences and fitness levels. By incorporating cardiovascular workouts into their routine, participants not only boost endurance levels and capacity, but also improve their heart health and overall vitality.

Connie adds, “Joining Strong for Life at Invictus Seattle is one of my best decisions. I’m getting stronger, more flexible, and experiencing better mobility.”

Modifications and Scaling for All Levels

Another key aspect is that we understand everyone’s fitness journey is unique. That’s why we emphasize the importance of modifications and movement customizations to accommodate all levels of ability. Whether athletes have pre-existing injuries, mobility limitations, or simply prefer a more gradual approach, our coaches ensure that you can participate safely and effectively. With personalized guidance and support, these athletes continue to be amazed at what they can achieve each week. Judy, our first Strong for Life member who recently had knee surgery, says, “The strength and balance that I have gained has made my life so much richer not to mention the great community of people that I am enjoying.”

One of the founding members of this group suffered a traumatic injury this winter but shared part of her journey with us and how the program has helped her. “This group supported and encouraged me when I had a fall that broke my right femur, resulting in a total hip replacement. I cried with joy when I rejoined them 6 weeks post-op.” Another member shares, “Joining “Strong for Life” is a game changer!  I could not be more excited to have found Invictus and this class! I cannot recommend “Strong for Life” highly enough!”

We are proud to have brought this program to life with the passion of Coach Teresa at the helm, to show that the aging population can benefit from functional fitness and customized programming as much as the aspiring competitive CrossFitter or the first-time parent getting stronger to play with their kids. Strong For Life has been a game changer for so many in our little community!

Interested In the Program?

If you are local to Seattle and are interested in joining the Strong For Life program, book a free 1 on 1 consult with an Invictus Seattle coach here!

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