Team Unvexed 2024

The Sea of Green Is Coming to Carson 
Written by Kelly Sekulovski 

Team quarterfinals wrapped up on Monday April 8th, and all four Invictus teams put on dominant performances, earning their semifinals spots in Carson. 

North America West 2024 Quarterfinals Results
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Team Invictus 

Team Invictus 2024

This team has already faced adversity this season with injuries, sudden illness, and more, but STILL managed to pull out a second place finish worldwide in Team Quarterfinals, and the top spot for North America West teams. 

The team consists of Jessi Smith, Lauren Fisher, Joshua Al-chamaa and Chandler Smith. They are hopeful that if this is what they could accomplish without being at 100%, they will be a force to be reckoned with the remainder of the season. 

“I was in a bad way last week,” Josh wrote on Instagram in reference to him falling ill during the team quarterfinals weekend. “And yet we did what we needed to do. My team pulled through and pulled me up. I know from experience what it takes to win this thing. And collectively, we all have that. Now back to business we focus on getting the job done.” 

Team Invictus Unconquerable 

Team Unconquerable 2024

Not far behind in the standings are the second place finishers in the North America West region: Team Unconquerable. Finishing 6th worldwide, and snagging an event win in Workout 4, the pieces are all coming together for Team Unconquerable. 

After dealing with a roster shake up, Hannah Black was the most recent addition to the team alongside Emily Rethwill, Roldan Goldbaum and Phillip Muscarella. The change in roster proved to be no issue to the team, as they came together to put on a stellar quarterfinals performance and secure their semifinals spot by a long shot. 

“My teammates inspire me to be better and do better,” Emily Rethwill wrote on Instagram. “That’s why we are going far. Ready for the next stage.” 

Team Invictus Unbroken 

Team Unbroken 2024

Finishing 31st worldwide, and 9th in the North America West region, Team Unbroken had notable performances throughout quarterfinals including a 3rd place finish in the region in Workout 1, and a 2nd place finish in the region in Workout 2. 

Team Unbroken is just getting started! The team includes Jenn Ryan, Lauren Stallwood, Tyler Soderback and Sean Early, all Games veterans. 

“Wise enough not to take anything for granted and to know this is just the beginning.” Jenn Ryan posted on Instagram, also joking about her so-called retirement. “Last year I said it would be my last year competing out on the @crossfitgames Semifinals floor… And that was a lie 🤭🫣.” 

Team Invictus Unvexed 

Team Invictus Unvexed

Team Unvexed, formerly known as Team Unbowed, secured their semifinals appearance with an 11th place finish in the North America West region, finishing in the top 25 in the region for all 4 workouts! Their worldwide finish was an impressive 64th place. 

The team, Riley Estrada, Kelsey Schulte, Eric Carmody and Rob Shillaci, are a mix of Games veterans and potential rookies all looking to earn their way to the Games this year! Even though they are excited to make it to the next stage, they know that the real work is just getting started. 

“Lots of work done, lots of work to do,” Rob posted on Instagram. “Excited for another week of getting after it with the team!” 

We’re Going to Carson!

Congratulations to all of our teams for their great quarterfinals performances. On to semifinals prep, and to watch the individuals kick off next week! 

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