Emily Rethwill snatching at the 2024 Miami Wodapalooza

How to Make Better Bar Body Contact for Snatches 
Written by Jared Enderton 

Making contact with your body is imperative for successful Olympic lifts, especially on a snatch! If you aren’t making contact, or don’t feel like you are properly making contact with the barbell, use these tips to help. 

Tips To Help With Bar Body Contact for Snatches: 

  • Make sure your grip width is wide enough so that the barbell is sitting in the hip to start
  • When you make contact with the barbell, you want it to be at your beltline 
  • When you open your hips and make contact with the barbell, jump as if you are passing through a normal jump to open your hips 

How To Make Better Bar Body Contact for Snatches

Check out this video to learn more about how to make contact with the body, and also a drill to use to perfect the technique. 

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