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First Time Doing CrossFit Quarterfinals? 
Written by Kelly Sekulovski 

If you received your official email invitation from CrossFit, then congratulations on qualifying for Quarterfinals! That is an amazing accomplishment that you should be proud of. 

As the percentages have shifted from the top 10% of the Open to now the top 25% of the Open for this next phase of competition, this means that for many of us, this year might be our first Quarterfinals experience! 

While it might be a different experience from the Open that you are used to, don’t panic. Our team is here to help. 

Advice from Invictus Athletes and Coaches 

We’ve gathered some advice from Invictus Athletes and Coaches for you to use in the next phase of competition: 

  • “If it’s your first time doing quarterfinals, then congratulations! My best advice would be to try and plan around what your goals for the weekend are. Making sure that you have a secure wifi connection, good camera, and trustworthy judge can make all the difference!”7th Fittest Man on Earth, Chandler Smith
  • “First time quarterfinal athletes should enjoy the process. Quarterfinals is often a hybrid between the open and semi-finals and is a great opportunity to test your fitness as well as show you specific areas that need work in the future. Rather than worrying about where you are at on the leaderboard from a placing standpoint, focus on your results from a training standpoint. Make sure you’re checking our content for the best way to approach the workouts as well as how to order them to help maximize your success.”Coach Holden Rethwill 
  • “Mental reps! Every single workout I do before a competition I do the entire thing in my head first. Every rep. When things get tough you default to your training and those mental reps can really help with keeping your composure.” – 6x CrossFit Games athlete, Sam Dancer 

Download the Invictus Quarterfinals Checklist 

Not sure what you need to grab before quarterfinals chaos ensues? Download the FREE Invictus Quarterfinals Checklist, created by Invictus athletes and coaches, to ensure that you are as prepared as possible to take on the workouts! 

Stay tuned for the Invictus Quarterfinals Guide    

Want more advice from our team of athletes and coaches? Invictus Athletes: stay tuned for exclusive access to the “How To Tackle Quarterfinals Guide” from Invictus. In this guide we will tell you how to prepare, how to eat, how to recover, and some insider tips and tricks that contributors like Chandler Smith, Sam Dancer, Joshua Al-chamaa and Jessi Smith have picked up over the years participating in quarterfinals. 

Not an Invictus Athlete? Sign up now for Invictus Athlete or Invictus Masters using code “INVQF25” for 25% off your first month! Plus you’ll gain access to the Guide when it launches next week.  

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