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CrossFit Open 24.3 Strategy and Tips

The grand finale of the open, 24.3, has been announced! Keep checking back on this article as we update it with workout strategy and tips from the team here at Invictus. 

CrossFit Open 24.3 Tips and Strategy for Competitive CrossFitters 

24.3: The Official Event Description and Score Card

24.3 Workout Description

Download full scorecard, event rules & video submission standards here.

Resources for Open Athletes 

Tips from the Invictus Coaches

  • Pace yourself. You don’t want to redline in the first five rounds and have nothing left for the second part so pace yourself!
  • Get a good rack position so the bar can sit on the shoulders with hands relaxed. You don’t want to be ‘muscling’ the thruster.
  • Break sooner rather than later. It won’t do you any good to open with an unbroken set on your pull-ups to just drop down to singles on round two. Break sooner than you think you need to and just be quick to jump back up to the bar.
  • Respect the weight. Once you get into that second weight your legs will be fatigued so respect the barbell weight by focusing on good form.
  • Chalk the pull up bar. This will help you have a little more grip for your pull ups and bar muscle ups.

Helpful tips for the 24.3 workout movements…  

Attack the Open with this guide 

Want more tips and tricks to get ahead in the Open this year? Download the free Attacking the Open guide from Invictus to learn more about how to get a leg up on the competition, and how to stay in the right mindset for the span of the Open. Download here

Attacking the Open- download the free guide

Invictus Athlete 

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