Katarina Curley

24.3 For a Cause: Help Katarina Fight Leukemia  
Written by Kelly Sekulovski 

Friday Night Lights is electric in any gym across the globe, especially on the final week of the Open. This Friday the athletes at Invictus San Diego will take on 24.3 (come what may, Dave Castro), and revel in the community atmosphere that the Open brings. This community will also come together to support another member of the CrossFit community, one of the many things that brings magic to CrossFit. 

Maddy Curley, a former gymnastics instructor at Invictus Athlete camps, has remained a dear friend of Invictus. Maddy is a mom of 3, with her newest addition Nikolai joining the family less than 2 months ago. While this should be an exciting time for her and her husband welcoming a new member to their family, they were instead struck with a shock. 

Their daughter Katarina was diagnosed with cancer (B-cell ALL, a type of Leukemia). She has already begun chemotherapy, and the family will have to keep Katarina in isolation for a month due to her weakened immune system. 

Maddy and Katarina Curley in the hospital

Her father is an actor, and due to the SAG and WGA strike, work has been tough to come by, causing potential issues with health insurance for the family with the medical bills pouring in. 

This Friday as Invictus San Diego takes on 24.3, they will be raising money for Katarina’s fight against Leukemia. Come out to Invictus San Diego, or if you are reading this from afar and feel compelled to help this wonderful family, please donate here on their GoFundMe page

The Invictus Family is keeping Katarina and the Curley family in our thoughts.

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