How Can I Strengthen My False Grip? 
Written by Cat Blatner

Many athletes struggle holding their false grip when they initially start learning how to do muscle ups. This can be a very frustrating position to be in as it can often feel uncomfortable if not used to the grip. So, here are a few tips to help strengthen that false grip position and get you more comfortable with it.

Kettlebell False Grip Carry

Working with Kettlebells can be a great way to increase your time in a false grip position. These are easy to work in at the end of your session!

Try these challenges:

  1. 30 second false grip hold= max weight possible.
  2. Max distance farmers carry in false grip. The moment you lose your perfect false grip position, set your weights down and rest 2-3 min before repeating. (Losing your false grip means your palm is no longer under the kettlebell handle)

Try to build up in either time under tension or weight of the kettlebell used. Eventually you will be able to hold much more weight for a longer duration!

False Grip Static Hang

Strengthen your tolerance for a false grip hold by doing more false grip static hangs! Challenge yourself to hold for 30-45 seconds at a time for 2-3 sets at the end of your workout. Mix it up by doing straight arm static hangs as well as static hangs with your chin above the rings (see featured photo).

False Grip Strict Pull-Ups

Once you are able to perform your static hang with ease, add dynamic movement by performing max rep pull-ups. As with all of these drills, when you fall out of your false grip, the set is terminated.

False Grip Kipping

Time to get swinging! Hold on to your false grip and aim for 8-10 kipping swings while maintaining your false grip throughout each rep! This is the hardest part of holding on to a strong false grip so make sure you have mastered the previous drills before you attempt this drill.

Maintaining a false grip through dynamic movement is one of the most challenging hurdles to get over when you start working on this particular grip. Practice the above drills 2-3 times per week at the beginning or end of your workout and you will see a drastic improvement in your grip strength!

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