Workout of the Day:
and then,
As many rounds as possible in two minutes of:
5 Burpees
10 Pull-Ups
Rest for one minute after each two minute interval, and perform a total of four cycles.  The workout will be 12 minutes total with only 8 minutes of work – go hard!

Don't let the pixie-like appearance fool you, Baby Belle is merciless as a coach. Here she adds a little extra weight to Coach Sun's sled drag.
Don't let the pixie-like appearance fool you, Baby Belle is merciless as a coach. Here she adds a little extra weight to Coach Sun's sled drag.

Warm-Up Sets
Written by Calvin Sun

As you all know, we like to do some heavy lifting before our conditioning workouts. Typically you’ll see something like 5×5 or 5-5-5-5-5 written on the board. This simply means that you will perform five work sets of five repetitions each. Prior to your work sets, you should do a few warm-up sets to practice the movement, demonstrate you are capable of good mechanics under load, as well as prepare your neuromuscular system for the heavy work sets that lay ahead.

225 pounds should not be weight used for the first warm-up set of any exercise. If we are back squatting today and you know you’ll perform your first set of 5 at 225lbs, you’ll probably want to start off with the following warm-up sets: 135lbs for 5, 155lbs for 4, 185lbs for 3, and 205lbs for 2. This serves as a method to ensure that you are really truly capable of lifting 225lbs for 5 repetitions, a 5-rep work set should never turn into an accidental 1-rep max attempt.

Warm-up sets should not take much time at all. Work together with your partner to help change weights on the barbell, you don’t need much rest between these lighter sets. Increase the load with relatively even increments, typically warm-up sets will have relatively larger increases in loads. In the example above, the increases ranged between 20lbs and 30lbs. An advanced or elite level athlete would have much larger jumps between warm-up sets. For example, the following rep scheme is taken directly from my own workout log:

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

Warm-up sets

Work sets

Remember, this is always relative to your level of strength and the type of lift we are performing. Warm-up sets serve to help improve your proficiency in any lift as well as ensure you are properly warmed-up for the loads you will attempt to lift.

  • courtland

    Those are some good numbers that I hope are my warm ups one day. Deadlifting should be called Alivelifting.

  • Mark Riebel

    Calvin really only pulls about half of that. He just wanted to impress everyone.

  • POS

    Well I knew today’s workout was going to be tough. Rounds of 4,4,3+3burpees,3+3burpees. And all 4 sets of DL at 365.

  • courtland

    POS that is some good work. Last set of 3 @ 335 was rough and the bar mashed my the top of my knee cap a bit, but okay now. I did 7 rds of Burpees and band assisted/jumping pull ups. I promptly ate a horse and his bag of oats thereafter.

  • POS

    Thanks Courtland, Now the horse = paleo but the bag of oats not so much paleo!

  • Cynthia

    Courtland! You DO realize that horse is meat, right? 😉

  • courtland

    This horse claimed to have been vegan.

  • Carla Mac

    DL: Last set at 92K. Old DL PR is 125, but that is for a single.

    7 rounds, 2 pulls/4pulls? I can’t remember now. Pullups with red band.

    Yeah burpees!

    Fun class.