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Your Must-Have Checklist for the 2014 CrossFit Games!

**REMINDER – Both Invictus Locations will be closed at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday through the weekend so that the Sea of Green can support Team Invictus, Josh Bridges, Lauren Fisher and the other Invictus athletes at the CrossFit Games. Read below on how to follow their progress.**


Your Must-Have Checklist for the 2014 CrossFit Games!
Written by Jaimie Bougie

We are just three days away from the start of the 2014 CrossFit Games! What could be more exciting than carpooling up to Carson, California, with all of your friends to watch over a dozen amazing Invictus Athletes leave it all out on the floor? For the Sea of Green and all of our athletes, this week is like the World Cup, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and World Series all rolled into one. The best of the best – the fittest in the world! To make your experience as enjoyable as possible, we have created this checklist to guide you through the weekend. Even if you are cheering from home, we have all the information you need so you do not miss out on any of the action! You will also want to check out The CrossFit Games Fan Zone page for a ton of additional information.

For those of you who attended the CrossFit Games for the past few years, this checklist will look quite familiar to you, as not much has changed since last year.  But for those of you who will be attending the Games for the first time ever, this checklist will help you prepare!

Hotel and Carpooling Up to Carson

Hotel Current will once again be the home base for the Sea of Green this year! We highly recommend that you carpool with fellow Invicti up to Long Beach.

Hotel Current
5325 Pacific Coast Hwy
Long Beach, CA 90804

Packing and Pre-Games Prep
Wondering what to pack for this year’s Games event? The CrossFit Games is not a normal sporting event. The 12-hour days are packed and it’s going to be hot. Wear workout clothes, sunglasses, a hat, and a heavy layer of sunscreen. We recommend packing a change of clothes, a bottle of sunscreen, and an extra layer in case it gets cool at night. Most importantly, don’t forget your Green Invictus shirts! Remember, you will need shirts for all three days. We may have a few shirts for sale at the Games, but we are already selling through inventory quickly, so buy your shirts before the trip!

This year, we have a special 2-For-$40 t-shirt and tank top package, complete with custom Nike and Kill Cliff Invictus shirts! You can purchase the package (one of each design) for $40 or you can purchase the shirts/tanks individually for $25 each.

Hydration and keeping cool is going to be a big factor in how much you enjoy the weekend. We recommend that you pack refillable bottles and purchase some kind of electrolyte tablets to drop into your water, such as Nuun. Last year, the sun was relentless so bring a hat and maybe a small hand towel that you can soak down with water to keep your neck cool. Rehydrate frequently!

Pack some cash, but don’t worry about running out. Most vendors and concessions will take credit cards and there are ATMs at the StubHub Center.

Parking and Travel
The festivities start first thing Friday morning (gates opened last year at 8:00 am) and will last until the late afternoon on Sunday. Here is the address for those driving straight there on Friday:

Home Depot Center (now called the StubHub Center but your GPS may still say Home Depot)
18400 Avalon Boulevard
Carson, CA 90746

This year, parking for all events has been included in the ticket price! We still recommend carpooling though.

Dessert-And-Drinks Social
Because the events at the StubHub Center can run late into the night, we’ve decided to replace our BBQ tradition with a more relaxed and casual Dessert-And-Drinks Social! Please join us on both Friday and Saturday night at Hotel Current for some yummy desserts, drinks and great company – starting time to be decided depending on when the last events take place both nights.

For those who are arriving on Thursday, we will also be hosting our annual “Chopping Party” in the Hotel Current prep room (next the Pool/BBQ) to help us prepare for the weekend – all volunteers are welcome!

Athletes to Watch – Masters Competition
The Masters will compete on Tuesday, July 22nd through Thursday, July 24th and it is open and free to the public!  If you are able to get away from work and head up to Carson early to cheer on our Masters, that would be awesome.


Cheryl Brost (Masters 40-44)
John Mariotti (Masters 55-60)
Rafael Guijaro (Masters 40-44)
Bryan Wadkins (Masters 40-44)
Karen Wilson (Masters 45-50)
Christine Wells (Masters 45-50)
Allen Duarte (Masters 50-54)

Athletes to Watch – Teams and Individual Competition

Start saving up your voice Sea of Green, because we will be doing A LOT of cheering this weekend. We will be cheering not only for our local athletes – Team Invictus, Josh Bridges and Lauren Fisher – but also six honorary Invictus individual athletes. The heat schedule won’t be announced until the day of the events, but we will keep you up-to-date through our Blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts (see links below).


Josh Bridges
Jeff Evans
Lauren Fisher
Valerie Voboril
Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
Talayna Fortunato
Michelle Kinney
Amanda Schwartz


Team Invictus (Nuno Costa, Bryan Miller, Rasmus Wisbech, Heather Hippensteel, Ayo Anise and Melissa Hurley)

Additionally, the Sea of Green congratulates and supports the following teams and individual athletes who followed the Invictus Competition Blog through Regionals, and then began working individually with Invictus coaches to prepare for the CrossFit Games:

Kristin Holte
Regan Huckaby
Jacob Heppner
Emmanuel Maldonado

Team 808 (Elyse Umeda, Kyla Evers, Brandy Richardson, Adam Jamieson, Josh Akiona and Rich Korth)
CrossFit Marysville (Noah Pester, Ryan Swobody, Kyle Flanders, Kelsey Nagel, Melissa Dixon and Ashleigh Moe) 

Cheering from Afar - Live Stream on ESPN

The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games will be broadcast each night on ESPN or ESPN2 and streamed all day on ESPN3 for those of you who will not be making the trip up to the StubHub Center. You can check out more details on the official CrossFit Games page.

The first events this year will take place on Wednesday, July 23rd, for both individuals and teams, and will kick off on “The Beach”, followed by a Max 1-RM Overhead Squat event in the soccer stadium. Details on live streaming of these opening events hasn’t been announced, but our plan is to set up computer monitors at both gyms so that we can display the live stream for your viewing pleasure while you’re warming up for your class.

For up-to-the-second updates, photos, coverage and news, check out the Invictus FacebookInvictus Twitter and Invictus Instagram.

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