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Your Guide to the 2015 CrossFit California Regional!


Your Guide to the 2015 CrossFit California Regional!
Written by Michele Vieux

The 2015 CrossFit California Super Regional starts this Friday, May 22nd and is guaranteed to be an action-packed weekend full of fun and amazing performances AND a post-party for all of you! For those of you new to Invictus, this is your chance to see – in person – how we earned the name “Sea of Green” and to get to know others in our community you might never see in class. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets – DO NOT delay! For the first time ever, we are combined with the Norcal region and tickets will fly! You can purchase them here. Admission for the whole weekend (3 full days of competition) is only $50 – a small price to pay to cheer on two teams – Team Invictus and Invictus Point Loma, Lauren Fisher, and Rasmus Wisbech Andersen (and our friends and honorary Invicti, Val Voboril and Meaghan Gonzalez). To help you prepare and enjoy the weekend to the fullest, we’ve come up with a SoCal Regional guide.

We are also very excited to invite you all to celebrate the conclusion of the weekend and to ring in your Memorial Day at the Sea of Green post-Regionals party at La Puerta in the Gaslamp starting at 9:00 p.m. and lasting as late as you care to stay. Starting at 9:00 p.m., they will be offering food and drink specials for the Sea of Green! Special thanks to Invictus member, Merritte Powell, who owns La Puerta for setting this up!

Schedule of Events

The days will start with the team competition each morning followed by the individuals in the afternoon. To ensure our teams get the proper support and the largest cheering section at Regionals, we are asking you to join us each morning by 8:30 a.m.  as the first heat starts at 9:00 a.m.! Since this year we combined regions, there will be a lot of spectators. If any of you are early birds, (I know you 6 a.m.-ers love to get up early!) feel free to come even earlier to help Amy reserve seats for the “Sea of Green,” gates open at 8 a.m..

We know that not everyone will be able to get away from work on Friday, but for those of you that can, we’ll need all of your cheering voices ready to go!  You can view the full workout descriptions here.  We will also be posting schedule of events for Invictus athletes at the venue and on Facebook.

Travel and Parking

Luck has struck us again! The 2015 California Regional will be held in our backyard at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. For most of us, this is only a 10-30 minute drive from our homes, so we will not be reserving a block of hotel rooms as we’ve had to do in the past. Parking will cost you $10/day, so we recommend carpooling with fellow Invicti. Plan to arrive by 8:00 a.m. so you have time to park, unload your things at tent city, and gather with the rest of the Sea of Green in the arena. Gates will open at 9 a.m..

What to Bring

CrossFit events are not your normal sporting event. The 12-hour days are packed, and while the competition venue is under cover, the temperature can fluctuate, so be sure to bring layers of clothes. Most importantly, don’t forget your Green Invictus shirts! Remember, you will need shirts for all three days. We are already selling through inventory quickly, so buy your shirts before the weekend!

Tent City

Your first stop when arriving at the Del Mar Fairgrounds is to make your way over to Tent City and find our Invictus Sea of Green tents. We will have a few tents set up for cover, but please remember to bring your own folding chair if you plan to spend time out at the tents. You may leave your chair at the tent overnight, but we recommend you carry your bags and any valuables back with you. Regionals will allow you to carry in coolers containing your favorite food and drink (no glass bottles, and alcohol is not permitted to bring in – but you can purchase there), but don’t worry, there will be plenty of good Paleo food to buy from vendors as well!

Athletes to Watch

Start saving up your voice Sea of Green, because we will be doing A LOT of cheering this weekend. We will be cheering on two teams and four individuals this year. Of course we want you there for the entire weekend but we want to make sure you don’t miss our teams compete since they’ll finish by noon each day so get your booty to the Fairgrounds early! Event times and strategic cheering locations within the arena are laid out below. We will have whiteboards on display in Tent City updated with the heat schedules as well and you can always keep up-to-date through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Team Invictus Point Loma

  • Taylor Shramo
  • Mike Ingley
  • Issac Farias
  • Jeremiah Santini
  • Tammy Wildgoose
  • Cynthia Lam
  • Clare Warren
  • Lisa O’Kane

Team Invictus

  • Nuno Costa
  • Gaje McDaniel
  • Bryce Smith
  • Jack Bernstein
  • Heather Hippensteel
  • Cat Blatner
  • Melissa Hurley
  • Ayo Anise

Friday Team and Individuals Schedule (tentative)

8:00 am – Gates Open – Gather Sea of a Green at the event start line

9:00 am – Invictus Point Loma – Event 1

9:50 am – Team Invictus – Event 1

10:30 am – Invictus Point Loma – Event 2

11:30 am – Team Invictus – Event 2


1:00 pm – Rasmus Wisbech Andersen – Event 1

1:40 pm – Meaghan Galindo, Lauren Fisher and Val Voboril – Event 1


3:00 pm – Rasmus Wisbech Andersen – Event 2

4:30 pm – Meaghan Galindo, Lauren Fisher and Val Voboril – Event 1

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