Banded Hip Bridges

Banded Hip Bridges
Written by Cat Blatner

Hip bridges are always a great way to activate the booty. Adding a band to this movement can get you even more glute and hamstring recruitment than ever before.

Set Up:

Take a Slingshot band and place it just above your knees. Lie on your back and bend the knees so that the bottom of your feet are flat on the ground. Keep the belly tight throughout the entire movement so that the torso moves as one piece.

In the video, the first three hip bridges are performed with a tight midline and the last three are done with no tension in the belly as an example of good midline versus a lazy one.

Squeeze the butt and drive the heels through the ground until you have a completely opened at the hips and you’ve reached the top of the bridge. Pause for a second or two at the top of the movement. Repeat for 10-12 reps. You can add these to any warm up routine to activate the posterior chain or use them as a great glute accessory drill.


Looking for a Way to Give Back?
Written by Cat Blatner

The Everyday Warrior organization has touched so many lives in the past year. One in particular was a very dear friend of mine, Cindy Loung Archibald, who just recently lost her battle with cancer.

I met Cindy during my very first CrossFit class ever. I couldn’t understand how such a small woman could throw around so much weight and I was gasping trying to keep up with those powerful little legs. When I decided that I wanted to coach, I had the support of Cindy right from the start.

Emotional Eating
Written by Teena Travis

I remember it clearly: I was quite young and had a bad dream, so I did what any small child does, and I got out of bed and found my mom. Being a great mom, she comforted me, gave me cookies and milk, a little love, and tucked me back into bed.

And that’s when it happened! Sweets imprinted instantly in my impressionable young mind as a form of comfort.

Now even as an adult, in times of high stress or grief, I will instantly turn to sweets for comfort.

Prioritize Movements Over Muscles
Written by Bryce Smith

When I studied anatomy and physiology in school, there was always one thing that stood out to me when we analyzed and did assignments involving cadavers: the human body is a functional machine known as the kinetic chain and every part of it is interconnected.

While at school, I was able to intern at a strength and conditioning facility and I began that internship with an old school body-building mindset. I thought you had to look incredibly jacked to be strong. Although, in theory, a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle,

How to Get a Better Rack
Written by Nichole DeHart

The front rack position can be one of the more difficult positions to get into, especially being a Masters athlete. The mobility required is exceptional, even for some of the young bucks coming in to train. The front rack position can be hindered if the lats are tight, along with the triceps, deltoids and immobile wrist flexors.

Alas, though, it is not all doom and gloom! I am here to give you some helpful suggestions on how to get a world class rack.