Invictus Affiliate Programming

Introducing Invictus Affiliate Programming

Invictus has been providing health and fitness excellence in coaching and programming for over 15 years. With the launch of the Invictus Affiliate Programming, gym owners can now purchase Invictus programming for their gym, to bring that same level of excellence to their community. 

In 2009 Invictus began just like any other gym, and has since grown to include 4 locations across the country (each with hundreds of members), a large roster of CrossFit Games athletes who proudly represent Invictus, and an entire community who remotely follow Invictus programming. Invictus programming and the culture of customization has been the key factor in its success and ability to grow.  

Now, you can share that same programming and culture of customization with your own community and be Powered by Invictus. 

What Makes Invictus Affiliate Programming Different

Invictus isn’t a training camp selling affiliate programming. It is a successful, fully functioning 15+ year CrossFit Affiliate just like yours, with proven success across 4 locations.

Invictus programming is designed with the idea in mind that there is no one size fits all method when it comes to programming, therefore the programming needs to be fully customizable. As an Invictus Affiliate, you’ll have access to: 

  • Whiteboard video briefs with Invictus coaches discussing the programming for the day and the intention behind the programming
  • Coaching notes and customization options 
  • Exclusive deals with Invictus partners 
  • Discounts on Invictus University coaching cohorts for you and your staff 
  • Invictus Affiliate exclusive events 
  • Monthly newsletter with information from successful gym owners within the Invictus network    

What Do The Workouts Look Like?

Download a free week of programming here.

How Do I Get My Gym Started?

You can get started on WODify today by going here!

Powered by Invictus: Invictus Affiliate Programming

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Gotowe mieszanki do Gofrów
Gotowe mieszanki do Gofrów
June 6, 2024 5:52 am

Excellent post! Your arguments are well thought out and convincingly presented. It’s clear you’ve put a lot of effort into this.

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