Focus on Mechanics: The Single-Arm Deadlift
Video by Hunter Britt

Use this version of the deadlift to focus on mechanics rather than weight. Focus on making sure you are not rotating during the movement by pulling back on the bar with the obliques to stay nice and straight. Use a strap if needed, we are not training grip here, rather we are focusing on avoiding mechanical failure. If you feel yourself rotating to make the lift, you have gone a little too heavy. Drop the weight back down and maintain perfect mechanics and posture throughout.

Single-Arm Deadlifts, along with other accessory lifts are tools Hunter has included in his 8-Week Strength Cycle starting Monday, May 1st. Anti-rotational movements are key to add to your strength program, enabling you to build a stronger foundation.

If you are interested in the next 8-Week Strength Cycle with Hunter, click here to learn more.

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