What does Intensity Mean to You?
Written by Ricky Moore

It’s a simple question, and can apply more than just to fitness. What does intensity mean to you? Does it mean giving 110% in everything you do? Does it mean always being loud and aggressive in daily conversations to make sure your point is being heard? (We all know at least one person like this, maybe even the person writing this article).

According to the dictionary, the definition of intense is; existing or occurring in a high or extreme degree. Having intensity does not always have to be applied to fitness. You can apply intensity to anything you’re passionate about because that is what drives our intensity. For instance one can use intensity for their school or career work, planning events, spending time with family, or even underwater basket weaving!

Intensity can impact your fitness tremendously in many ways. One that you will recognize first is your aerobic capacity and your ability to progress in workouts. This progress will ultimately improve your confidence as well, which is what we strive for! There is no better feeling than going into a situation or a workout with confidence.

Applying intensity in whatever you’re passionate about will maximize your results and enhance your memories, achievements and overall quality of life. It’s the same with fitness and your mental toughness for fitness. Try to add a little more intensity to certain aspects of your life and see if you notice a difference in how you perform and react to situations in everyday life.

Oh, and I’m not saying go out and start screaming at people to be intense and get your point across. Leave that to me!

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