Strategy for CrossFit Games Individual Quarterfinals

Did you make Quarterfinals?! Congrats! Check out what Invictus Athlete Coaches Hunter Britt and Holden Rethwill have to say as they discuss their best ideas for strategies for the Individual Quarterfinals workouts happening this weekend.

Individual Quarterfinals Test 1 Movement Tips:

Breaking Down Handstand Walks
Chest-to-Wall HSPU

Individual Quarterfinals Test 2 Movement Tips:

Dumbbell Snatch Tips
Crossover Tips from RXSG founder Dave Newman

Individual Quarterfinals Test 3 Movement Tips:

Burpee Box Jump-Overs

Individual Quarterfinals Test 4 Movement Tips:

Breathing Tips for Rowing

Individual Quarterfinals Test 5 Movement Tips:

Rope Climb Foot Lock
Rope Climb Descent

Invictus Athlete Quarterfinals Prep Programs

You still have time to join up with one of the Invictus Athlete online programs to make sure you enter competition day unconquerable. Invictus Athlete, Competition, and Masters all JUST started training cycles to prepare athletes for this next competition. Besides the training plan, you’ll have the support of Invictus coaches, other members of the Sea of Green, AND special warm-up and strategy notes for each event. Those notes alone are an invaluable key to your performance.

Didn’t make Quarterfinals? Might we suggest you join one of our supplemental programs to help you attack your weaknesses? Gymnastics, WeightliftingEngine and Strength could be key to your future! Join now!

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Nellie Isaksson
Nellie Isaksson
April 20, 2023 4:15 am

Prioritize recovery with proper stretching, foam rolling, and rest days to prevent injury and allow your body to repair itself. Finally, remember to stay mentally strong and focused, as the CrossFit Games can be as much a test of mental fortitude as physical ability. I would read article so that I could find the essay writing service online who will write me an essay on this topic.

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