Serious About Your Training And Tired of Plateauing in the Gym?

Start training with programming proven to make you a better athlete, regardless of your current ability level.

Invictus Competition is for you if you're serious about training, love to push, and want to compete at a local level.

The goal of this program is to prepare you with the strength, stamina and skills to excel on competition day. Your weekly program will include 5-days of 90-minute training sessions, and one active recovery session.

You'll touch on every aspect of the sport of CrossFit several times throughout the month - including gymnastics, Olympic lifting, metabolic conditioning, and moreā€¦

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  • 5 sessions a week plus one active recovery swim session.
  • 90 minutes per session includes warm-up, skills & drills, strength progressions, conditioning and supplemental accessory work.
  • Guidance and feedback from Invictus coaches.
  • Community of support from like-minded athletes to celebrate your successes and hold you accountable.
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What are others saying?

  • "I wanted to share my success story with you. My name is Keith, and I have been crossfitting since 2012. I am 36 years old and live in Denver, Colorado. I started following the Invictus Competition programming and In the past 3 months (at age 36), I have hit a 315# squat clan (30# lifetime PR) and added 40# to my back squat (385#), all while still maintaining my engine (I need my engine being that I'm only 5'9", 175#) and consistently improving my gymnastics. I truly can't thank you enough for the programming and it is a true testament to the fact that your product and programming is so thoughtful and laid out and stands the test of time. I am so appreciative for everything and I can guarantee I will be an Invictus athlete for as long as you are doing it. I just know that if it were my programming that was bringing so much happiness and success to people following it, I would want to hear about it." -- Keith B.
  • "I've been with the CrossFit Invictus Competition Program online community for roughly 4 years. One thing I absolutely love about the programming is the support and feedback I get from the coaches. They always hold me accountable (and encourage me) even when my work-life schedule is demanding. The programming is well-designed to cover all modalities from weightlifting, gymnastics, conditioning, range-of-motion primers, to strongman work. I can track my progress and see my growth because of the consistency in the programming. One thing I can pride myself in being able to do is a strict handstand push-up or strict ring muscle-up with ease because of the programming's detailed methodology and instructions." -- Corey R.
  • "I've been following the Invictus Competition blog since 2014/2015. I can't say enough about the coaching, the community, the mindset, the development and the attention to their athletes. For a 'remote' option, as many of the athletes following are spread across the globe, they do a fantastic job providing in-depth training methodologies and programming. Tino and the coaches are always willing to help explain movements, answer questions, and provide direction for every level. I attended the 'Invictus Athlete Camp' in January 2015 with my training partners and haven't looked back since. That opportunity, along with the continued support from the coaches and community, has helped me in so many areas on my fitness journey." -- Jon V

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  • Workout Tracking
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  • Feedback from Expert Coaches
  • See Your Full Week of Training
  • 5 sessions a week plus one active recovery session
  • 90 minutes per session includes warm-up, skills & drills, strength progressions, conditioning and supplemental accessory work
  • Community of support from like-minded athletes to celebrate your successes and hold you accountable

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  • How many days a week is this program?
    The training is intended for 5 days a week and one active recovery day (each Thursday).
  • How long are each of the training sessions?
    Each session should take approximately 90 minutes.
  • What equipment do you need?
    The bulk of the program will incorporate equipment used in the CrossFit Games Open, and include a Concept 2 Rower, Assault Air Bike, sleds, dumbbells, climbing ropes, and sandbags. There are substitution options available if you do not have a certain piece of equipment
  • Billing and Account Questions
    If you have any questions on your account and your subscription, please email

    Cancellation Policy

    We are confident that our program will take you to the next level. However, if you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, simply email prior to your next renewal date and we will ensure that you are not billed for the next billing period. For more information on the cancellation or refund policy, head here.