Gymnastics Skills Don’t Just Appear -- They Take Work

Whether you’re working on getting your first muscle up or 20 in a row - this program will take your training to the next level

Invictus Gymnastics is made for athletes of all levels who want to spend focused time each week dialing in their gymnastics. Each week, your program will include three 20-minute sessions - which will include access to 3 levels of training.

When you incorporate Invictus Gymnastics into your weekly program, your overall training will improve quickly -- we’ve seen it time and time again!

You’ll touch on every aspect of gymnastics multiple times every month, so you’ll continue to work toward your goal -- whether that be 20 handstand push-ups in a row, or getting your first.

Sign Up and Receive the Following:

  • 3 sessions a week (released every Sunday)
  • 20 minutes per session -- so you can add on to your existing workouts!
  • 3 levels posted everyday -- so you can mix and match for your skill level for each exercise (this is your program -- customize it for your needs!)
  • Direct feedback and video analysis with Gymnastics Head Coach, Travis Ewart
  • Tutorials and demo videos - so there is no need to ask ‘what’s this?’
  • Access to the members-only Facebook group to ask questions and get video feedback

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Gymnastics skills don't just appear. They take work.

Spend focused time each week improving your bodyweight strength and foundational gymnastics. This will not only help you in the sport of fitness, but also help you improve in your overall health and fitness.

Make sure you are building your base properly - better gymnastics will mean better weightlifting and better performance.

You will move better, learn new drills and improve your skills in all gymnastics movements that you see in your training.

Each month, we train every gymnastics movement multiple times -- either with a drill to improve positional strength, or various repetitions to increase your volume with the movements.

What are others saying?

  • In just 3 months of the Invictus Gymnastics program - all of my gymnastics have improved
    "Travis... another testament to your awesome programming. Last year I made every excuse there was to why I couldn’t get any muscle ups. Then I made excuses about these rings we put up at home. Decided to give them a try today, they definitely have a different swing and feel but with that trusty snap pull I was able to do it! In just 3 months of the Invictus Gymnastics program - all of my gymnastics have improved. I know that in next year’s CrossFit Open this will NOT be a weakness." -- Erin D., Pittsburgh, PA
  • Finally got my FIRST RING muscle up!!
    "Travis - So finally got my FIRST RING muscle up!!! I shouted so loudly that the entire box stopped to look at me! Then I decided to redo it and I’ve got the second ring muscle up! You might remember that four days ago I attempted one, and you suggested to watch the mounting ring muscle up video, and that the kipping muscle up WILL happen, and SOON! Thanks again for all your feedback…. there are no words to thank you!" -- Francesco R., Rome, Italy
  • "I just wanted to say thank you! I am about to start my last event in the comp today. When I signed up for coaching with you, I couldn't do a kipping pull-up. Today I did 40 of the 60 kipping pull-ups in our second event - and had ZERO no-reps."-- Dawn S., Pensacola, FL

Just $39/month!

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Or save 20% for 6 months!

Who is Travis Ewart?

Travis has been coaching gymnastics at all levels for over 22 years. He has worked with competitive and recreational athletes of all ages, coming in to assist the Invictus Athletes before the CrossFit Games in 2015. His unique and thorough coaching techniques give athletes the tools to excel in their efficiency and form in all gymnastics movements you will find in your workouts.

Since creating Invictus Gymnastics, he has helped hundreds of athletes throughout the world improve their technique, efficiency and volume with their bodyweight strength - including Maddy Myers, Lauren Fisher, Garret Fisher and several of the other Invictus Athletes


  • Can I do more than 1 session in one day?
    Yes! We don’t recommend doing this all of the time, but you can do more than 1 session a day if your schedule requires it
  • Do I have to do the sessions in order?
    Nope! You can move them around however works best for you
  • Can I continue to train regularly?
    Yes, we highly recommend that you continue to train normally!
  • When should I do this training?
    It is recommended that you complete these sessions at the beginning of your training, however sometimes it may not matter - whatever fits your schedule and capacity
  • What level am I in?
    Your level may change from movement to movement. You can mix and match levels in each training session as well - this is why we give everyone all 3 levels!
  • What are the 3 levels?
    Level One: focus on building strength and fundamental movement patterns specific to each movement. Focused on growing your ability to perform the skill in a safe and comfortable manner. Level Two: focus on strength and technique drills to better your skills while making sure you're performing your best during your training. Level Three: for the advanced athlete- the focus is on being able to perform the focal movement in high repetitions and with consistency.
  • How many days a week is this program?
    The training is intended for 3 days a week
  • How long are sessions?
    Each session should take approximately 20 minutes
  • Can I see a sample training day?
    Yes! Head here and download our Sample Training Guide to see an example of a Gymnastics training day.
  • What equipment do you need?
    Rings, pull up bar, chest-height barbell or straight bar (levels 1 & 2 only), resistance bands, wall (for handstands or handstand push ups) and space, kettlebell and a box. There are substitution options available if you do not have a certain piece of equipment
  • Billing and Account Questions
    If you have any questions on your account and your subscription, please email

    Cancellation Policy

    We are confident that our program will take you to the next level. However, if you need to cancel your subscription for any reason, simply email prior to your next renewal date and we will ensure that you are not billed for the next billing period. For more information on the cancellation or refund policy, head here.

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