Three sets of:
Snatch-Grip Romanian Deadlift x 8 reps @ 3111
Rest 60 seconds
Jumping Squats x 6-8 reps
Rest 60 seconds
Side Planks x 30 seconds each side
Rest 60 seconds

Every minute, on the minute, for 20 minutes (4 sets of each):
Station 1 – Assault Bike Sprint x 30 seconds
Station 2 – Kettlebell Swings x 15 reps
Station 3 – Dumbbell Push Press x 15 reps
Station 4 – Mountain Climbers x 30 reps
Station 5 – V-Ups x 15 reps

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May 10, 2019 3:27 pm

Please post the workout earlier! I’m on the east coast and would love to know the next workout before heading to bed. I’m only asking because I pack my gym bag for my 4:30 est wod.
Thank you.

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