Tips for Perfecting the Tall Jerk
Written by Gaje McDaniel

At the end of the day, strength plays a major role in Olympic weightlifting, but without technique, strength can only take you so far. Many athletes overlook the technique aspect and sometimes become too lazy to take the time out of their training session to work on it. The tall jerk drill is very quick and simple, allowing us to practice footwork while still performing the necessary overhead lockout and punch.

This drill simplifies the movement of the split jerk and helps an athlete focus on simple points of performance:

  • Fast Feet
  • Fast Hands
  • Vertical Chest
  • Strong Landing Position (NOT SOFT)

If you’re an athlete struggling with the concept of punching yourself down and under the barbell, then this drill will benefit you. If you are not punching under then you will feel a lack of speed and soft arms in your lockout when performing this drill. Imagine if the bar was locked into place about two inches over your head, but the only way underneath it was to press yourself down. This is where speed and punch come into play, if you do not use your arms to punch down, your feet will be confused on where or how far to land. But if you use arms and speed to drive underneath the barbell, you will have a fast and strong lockout. This concept directly correlates to any split jerk and snatch.

Use this drill for a technique primer on a split jerk day. However, there is no benefit to lazy reps, this is a drill that has to be done with intention and aggressiveness. This drill will benefit all athletes when done correctly.

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