Thoracic Spine Mobility & the Bridge
Video by Bryan Miller

An old Chinese proverb one said, “You are as old as your spine”.

This should go without saying but we often don’t move our bodies as if this is true. We get stuck in the same patterns of movements (squats/pushes/pulls etc) which aren’t inherently bad but, there is so much more you can be doing that will help you become a better mover.

Performing something like a bridge will greatly help general movement. The biggest problem with people trying to complete a bridge on the floor is that they lack the requisite mobility in the thoracic and end up dumping into the lower back. If you want to perform a bridge then you need to earn your way to that movement. One of the movements most people CAN do is a wall bridge. This movement has a huge carryover to ANY overhead movement is the wall bridge and its variations.

Below are a few pictures of before and after. All I have been doing is bridge variations three times a week. This new found thoracic mobility has direct correlation to my Olympic lifting, gymnastics and even running posture, just to name a few. Check out the video for a more detailed explanation.


Bryan Miller Thoracic Spine Mobility BridgeBryan Miller Thoracic Spine Mobility Bridge

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