Maddy Myers’ 122kg/269lb Clean & Jerk at 2017 Junior Worlds
Video by HookGrip

20 year-old Maddy Myers (63kg) clean and jerking a new Junior American Record of 122kg/269lb at the 2017 Junior Worlds! This also set a Junior American Record in the total with 213kg, beating her own 209kg total from April 2016. This was shot at too slow of a frame rate for super smooth slow mo, but we included a slow mo version anyway.

Invictus is Hiring! 
Written by C.J. Martin

Invictus is looking to hire talented, motivated and energetic individuals to help us fill our team and ensure that we attain our mission of delivering to our members the best possible health and fitness experience!

We are looking to hire for the following positions:

  • Full-Time Fitness Coach
  • Full-Time Member Services Representative
  • Part-Time Member Services Representative

All full-time members of the Invictus team are eligible for group health insurance coverage.

If you are interested in joining an amazing family of employees and community of members,

Barbell Shrugged Podcast: CJ Martin on The Mindset of a Competitive Athlete – Episode 262
Originally Posted on the Barbell Shrugged Podcast Page

The California Regionals are all wrapped up and the coach we are presenting in today’s show is responsible for getting 30 athletes there. If there is a powerhouse coach in CrossFit®, CJ Martin of CrossFit Invictus is it.

In this episode, we dive into the mind of one of the best coaches in the sport of CrossFit and discuss the process CJ goes through to groom his athletes,

Brute Strength Podcast: The Invictus Mindset ft. CJ Martin
Originally Posted on the Brute Strength Podcast Page

This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I’ll be interviewing CJ Martin, the mastermind behind CrossFit Invictus. As a coach CJ believes that the psychology of sport and fitness play a vital role in any program. This year we’ll see 3 teams and 6+ individuals at Regionals all coming out of CrossFit Invictus. In this episode we’ll be getting into a few of the things that have lead CJ and his brand to new heights as well as a few takeaways for athletes and gym owners including developing a competitor mindset,