From NYC to SD: Meet Invictus Member Lani Rowe!
Written by Karen Roque

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Invictus member, Lani Rowe and got us some insight into who she is and what it means to her to be a member of our community. This spunky, energetic woman has a lot going on!

Lani Rowe is a Solutions Architect in the tech industry. She designs and builds applications for database solutions clients. She is also a meditation and Buddhist teacher who is affiliated with a non-profit secular Buddhist community in New York City called The Interdependence Project.

The Upper Body Squat
Written by Bryce Smith

Many clients ask why I love pull-ups so much and my answer is always the same: it is like a squat for the upper body.

The squat and deadlift often get the title of “king of all other exercises”, while the pull-up gets tossed aside as an accessory movement and does not get the recognition it deserves. The pull-up will literally save your life if you are ever hanging from a cliff and, if you get good enough at them, you may even be able to save someone else’s life,