A ‘How To’ for Sled Drags
Video by Julien Pineau

If you are following our Invictus Athlete or Invictus Masters Program, then you will notice the emphasis we have put on Strongman training.

We have seen incredible benefits, across the board, with our athletes who have been diligently doing the Strongman sessions. We are fortunate enough to have Julien Pineau at Invictus to have his coaching eyes on our in-house athletes; he is able to pinpoint and identify nuances of movement in athletes that can easily be overlooked. We often prescribe sled drags in our Strongman program and get many questions about what weight to load the prowler with and how to set up for a prowler/sled drag.

In the video above, Julien explains how to correctly drag a prowler and common faults he sees when athletes attempt forms of sled drags.


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