Virginia Price – Crushing the Open
Written by Kirsten Ahrendt

Congratulations to all those athletes who decided to tackle the 2017 CrossFit Open workouts. Whether your reason was to compete regionally or to give yourself a weekly challenge to use as a benchmark for your fitness going forward, it was great to see so many athletes take on the challenge.

A big shout-out to member Virginia Price in particular! I have had the pleasure of working with Virginia in a semi-private setting for the past four months. To say Virginia is a busy modern day woman is an understatement. She is Mom to 4 kids, having had 2 little ones within the past 2 years, while also Partner at her law firm – meaning our sessions are squeezed in between items on her lengthy to-do list. Her fitness goal is to move well and to leave more energized, not more ‘beat up’.

When Virginia informed me she planned to do the Open, I thought “ok, great! Let’s have fun!”. When she showed up on 17.1 and informed me she planned to perform as much of every workout as possible Rx, needless to say, I was caught off guard and realized Virginia meant serious business on this. I can honestly say, Virginia Price showed as much determination, tenacity and persistence throughout these 5 weeks as any athlete in our gym – step aside Camille!

Virginia chipped away at workouts, completing the round of 30 dumbbell snatches in 17.1. Then as if one dumbbell wasn’t heavy enough, when 17.2 added a second dumbbell, Virginia can tell you, I got a little worried. Nonetheless she performed her 70# walking lunges unbroken and chipped away through two rounds of toes to bar. She got reacquainted with snatches in 17.3, and pulled 155# deadlifts for a few heavy single reps in 17.4. But in usual form, the last workout of the Open always leaves the most room for soul-wrenching, character-displaying agony.

Virginia chipped away at the 90 thrusters, and sped through the 350 double unders. We had planned to put a 20 minute time cap on it, but there was no stopping Virginia! In the corner of the gym, by herself, not under the Friday Night Lights excitement and crowds, and in sets of 5s, 4s, 3s, and finally some 2s, Virginia won every battle with the barbell for 90 reps and finished 17.5 Rx under the time cap in 39:48.

Those 39 minutes were the best display of determination and character that I saw throughout the entire Open – and I saw a lot of it! So proud of you, Virginia, and thanks for the inspiration! Now back to bear crawl in our next session. You’ve set the bar pretty high for Open 2018.

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Jimi Henderson
Jimi Henderson
April 6, 2017 7:24 pm

get em gurl!

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