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Sam Dancer on His New Role at Invictus
Written by Kelly Sekulovski & Luke Layton 

Sam Dancer is known in CrossFit for many amazing things, a few being: his insane strength, his contagious spirit and his iconic outfits (he is the OG of rocking the speedo in the CrossFit world). But at Invictus, he is known for being an amazing father and husband to his daughter Star and his wife Jenn, for his kindness and positive energy, and for being a role model both as a person and as an athlete for everyone in the gym. This is why we are so excited to announce that Sam has officially joined the staff at Invictus San Diego!  

Sam and Star Dancer chalking up

Sam Dancer’s new role at Invictus

Sam will be serving as a Competitive Coach assistant to support both Holden Rethwill and Chandler Smith, and is also heading up Community Events. In his words he is the official: “Events and vibes coordinator”. Sam will be focused on bringing the Invictus community together for community events. “One of my main missions in life is to help people realize how good we are supposed to feel,” said Sam when asked about his goals for community events. “Being in community and in relationship is an important component to how we not only enhance Invictus but ourselves.” 

The Dancer’s history at Invictus

The Dancer family has deep roots at Invictus, and believe it or not it started by his team (which included his wife Jenn) coming in second to Team Invictus in 2014. “That is when Invictus came on my radar,” said Sam. “In 2015 my friend and Invictus athlete Cheryl Brost introduced me to CJ Martin. He hired me to work at International Invictus Camps and he helped me get to the CrossFit Games individually in 2016. Since then I have been moving out here seasonally to train at CrossFit Invictus. I have made 5 Games appearances as an Invictus athlete and brought home two titles. Invictus is my home, my family and where my dreams have come true.” 

Cj Martin and Sam Dancer at an Invictus Athlete camp

The Dancers have taken their passion for fitness, and shared it with the community through the Dancer Love Foundation, a NFP that helps athletes with special needs get into gyms and receive professional coaching. “This year we are hosting 4 main events,” said Sam. “The puzzle competition, a Pickleball Tournament , The Glow Row and The Trident Triathlon. All of these events will help support the Dancer Love Foundation.” Be on the lookout for event dates and information! 

What the Invictus Community means to Sam

We asked Sam what the Invictus community means to him. His response: “I’m from a small town in Illinois. I was bullied growing up and didn’t have many close friends. I didn’t fit in anywhere. When I came to Invictus in 2016, not only did I fit in, I was welcomed. I had never experienced that with such a large group of people, period. Let alone people who love health, wellness, performance and having fun outside the gym together.” 

Throwback photo of Sam representing Team Invictus at the CrossFit Games

We are so happy Sam and his family are a part of the Invictus community, and are confident that he will help elevate the Invictus community even further through his new role. 

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March 6, 2024 10:03 am

This is awesome

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