Team Invictus Unbowed 2024

Meet Team Invictus Unbowed 2024
Written by Kelly Sekulovski 

Meet the fourth team out of CrossFit Invictus: Team Unbowed. 


Kelsey Schulte 

Kelsey Schulte celebrating a heavy lift at the 2023 CrossFit Games

Kelsey, 21, has been doing CrossFit since she was just 13 years old. Kelsey moved from Sacramento to San Diego to train in person last February after being a remote Invictus athlete for 3 years. The move definitely paid off as she punched her first ticket to the CrossFit Games in 2023 on Team Invictus Unbroken! 

“Competing at the games taught me how to handle the pressures of being on the biggest stage in our sport while still being able to appreciate the work that got me there in the first place,” said Kelsey when she reflected on last season. 

Now Kelsey is excited to start her 8th year participating in the CrossFit Open, and showcase her team’s chemistry and strengths. 


Eric Carmody

Eric Carmody running at the 2023 CrossFit Games

Eric, 35, is bringing his previous Games experience to his young team having qualified twice as an individual, and twice on a team. Eric went to the Games last year on Team Invictus Unconquerable, but unfortunately the weekend was cut short due to injury. This will be Eric’s 13th year doing the Open, and he is hoping for his fifth trip to the Games. 

Honestly, what you learn from the Games is that a WOD is just another WOD,” said Eric. “You are just an accumulation of your training, you’re not going to magically be something you’re not and because of that you must continually push yourself to remain competitive.”

Not only is Eric a long time Invictus athlete, he is also a father! Eric and his wife Haley have a 19 month old son named Colton, and a 5 month old daughter named Aliza. According to Eric, he also has two 21 year old adoptee girls that he has trained to be CrossFit Games athletes: teammates Riley and Kelsey. 

The range of experience in the team is something that he is looking forward to. “This team will be fun because we have some people with lots of experience and some people who are newer,” said Eric. He is feeling exceptionally healthy this year, and is looking forward to hopefully getting some people to the Games! 


Riley Estrada 

Riley Estrada doing a box jump at Invictus San Diego

Riley, 21, is originally from Kailua Kona, Hawaii. She moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University, which was when she joined Invictus. Little did she know her passions for water sports growing up in Hawaii, like water polo and surfing, would eventually turn into a passion for CrossFit.   

Riley’s goal this year: to qualify for her first CrossFit Games. “It would be a dream come true to make it to the games for my first time this year,” said Riley. “I have been training for this for the last couple years and am so excited to work hard at making that dream a reality this season.” 

While she might not have competed at the Games last year, Riley was there supporting the Invictus teams, especially her boyfriend Tyler Soderback who punched his ticket for his first Games in 2023 on Invictus Unconquerable. Now it would mean the world to Riley for this year to be her turn, and she’s more than confident in her team. “My favorite part about this team is how well we get along. I feel like we are very understanding of each other and really want the others on our team to succeed. We have fun with what we are doing and the company around us.”  


Rob Schillaci 

Rob doing a dumbbell snatch during 24.1

Rob, 33, is originally from the UK (along with fellow Invictus athletes Lauren Stallwood and Joshua Al-Chamaa) but is also half Italian. While he might be new to the Invictus teams, he is not new to Invictus at all, having been a remote Invictus athlete since 2017 working with coach Tino Marini.

Rob has been dreaming of making his debut at the CrossFit Games since before 2018, when he went to Regionals as an individual (RIP Regionals). Rob hopes this is finally his year! “To be able to punch a ticket to the games would be a huge accomplishment and a very special memory especially on a team knowing the hard work and hours spent in the gym paid off,” said Rob. 

While some athletes struggle on a team but thrive as an individual, Rob loves being on a team. “I’ve always been involved in team sports from previously playing rugby so I naturally just gravitated towards the team side,” he said. “I feel there is something special about being in a team, building the team chemistry and strategizing to work with each others strengths and weaknesses on the competition floor.” 


Good luck to Team Unbowed now that the season is officially underway!

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