Kitchen Essentials: Speed Lemons
Video by TJ O’Brien

Salt. Pepper. Olive Oil. Lemons. Elevate the flavor of any dish with these four ingredients and have them on hand at all times.

Salt: For seasoning meat before cooking, I prefer Kosher Salt. For greens, salads, eggs, and finer things, I prefer “La Baleine” fine sea salt. And for the finishing touches I prefer “Maldon” sea salt.

Pepper: I use Tellicherry peppercorns, nothing special, pretty standard.

Olive Oil: I’m using the term “olive oil” pretty loosely here. What you saw in my drip-free bottle was actually grapeseed oil, which is a neutral oil I use to coat my saute pan before cooking. If you’re looking for a finishing oil for salads or one with which you’ll make vinaigrettes, then the first step is to buy “extra-virgin.” That designation means that it will be free from defects and wasn’t treated with heat. Stay away from “light olive oil” because this usually means the oil was treated with heat to strip away color and flavor – use grapeseed oil if you’re looking for a neutral oil.

Finally, pay attention to the color of the bottle, not the oil. Yes, a darker oil is usually higher quality, but you shouldn’t be able to see the color through the bottle of a high quality oil because light and heat damage oils fairly quickly. Look for dark glass bottles or metal ones.

Lemons: I pick up a bulk bag at Costco each week, but if money were no object I’d buy local, organic Meyer lemons because they tend to be milder and more delicious. For now, bulk “Sunkist” lemons will do just fine.

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David Henry
David Henry
August 18, 2018 9:22 pm

great post.

Mark Lense
Mark Lense
May 21, 2021 6:12 am
Reply to  David Henry

It`s true

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