The Secret Sauce Improving Performance and Reducing Muscle Soreness
Written by C.J. Martin

What if I told you that there is a secret sauce that could help you improve your athletic performance and reduce muscle soreness? If you’re like me, you’d immediately assume that it couldn’t possibly be legal. But this “secret sauce” wasn’t concocted in a BALCO lab, it’s actually 100% safe and legal.

What is PR Lotion?

The “secret sauce” is called PR Lotion, manufactured by Amp Human. While the effects are extraordinary, it’s actually a very simple product backed by decades of science. The active ingredient is one you’re probably very familiar with…sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda.

Bicarbonate is a natural electrolyte that serves as the body’s first line of defense for preserving acid-base balance and is crucial for optimum nerve and muscle function. Years of peer-reviewed research has shown that bicarbonate is a potent performance enhancer, the problem is that it’s difficult to ingest and can cause significant gastrointestinal distress…not exactly the kind of thing you want to risk when jumping into a tough training session or a competitive event.

How Does PR Lotion Work?

PR Lotion is unique in that it has figured out the most effective way to deliver bicarbonate directly through the skin – bypassing any potential gut irritation. Once the lotion is absorbed by the skin it acts as a buffer to neutralize acid production during intense exercise, helps maintain overall pH balance, and aids in reducing the inflammation and tissue swelling that leads to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). In a nutshell, this is a dream for a CrossFit athlete or participant.

Let’s face it, training for performance is demanding. We sprint, jump, climb, lift heavy, run long and constantly vary the combinations in which we’re mixing these elements together. Almost everything we do in functional training is designed to test the body’s ability to perform under fatigue. CrossFit athletes are routinely tested in competition with both high volume strength endurance work and maximal load lifting after heinous endurance events, giving a massive advantage to those athletes who maintain high force and power outputs for longer periods during training and competition. PR Lotion reduces fatigue and allows for greater force and power output by buffering the hydrogen ions produced as the metabolic by-product of high intensity exercise. Most sports allow for clearance of these ions through rest periods after short, intense bouts of exercise. Think weightlifting…exert super high efforts and force, then sit down and rest until you are ready to repeat that task. CrossFitters don’t have that luxury, which makes your ability to buffer the effects of metabolic by-product even more critical.

Results from Using PR Lotion

Many of our coaches and athletes have been using PR Lotion for the past 18 months or so and noticed not only impressive improvements in their performance, but also a noticeable improvement in their recovery between training sessions. When applied before a training session, bicarbonate helps create an alkaline environment that reduces post-exercise inflammation caused by intense training. It’s the inflammation that causes the soreness commonly known as DOMS…or informally known as the inability to lower one’s self to the toilet seat without assistance. More importantly, reducing the inflammation response before it reaches the stage of excessive DOMS means that you can get more out of your next training session. Better quality of training more consistently creates magical results over time!

Professional Athletes Using PR Lotion

While PR Lotion is relatively new to the CrossFit world, it has played a critical role for years in championship performances of endurance athletes at the Tour de France and Ironman World Championships. Several professional sports teams in the NFL, NHL and NBA have also made PR Lotion a part of their daily training regimen – including the Los Angeles Rams in their run to Super Bowl LIII in 2019. If you want to try PR Lotion for yourself, please click here to GET FIVE FREE SAMPLES.

For more information on the science and application of PR Lotion, please click here.

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