CrossFit Games Open 21.3 & 21.4 – Strategy & Tips
Videos by the Invictus Athlete Team

The 2021 Open is in full effect and this is the place to get all the strategy and tips you need to perform your best this season! Each week, our team of expert coaches will provide both written and video analysis of the Open workouts and thoughts on how to attack them for each level or type of athlete below. Whether you are aspiring to make it to Quarterfinals or if you just want to have fun with your gym friends, you’ll find what you need here after the workouts are announced each week. Remember…”Full effort is full victory!” Good luck and have fun!

Competitive CrossFitters

If you’ve been following the Invictus Competition program for some time or any of the other Invictus Athlete Programs, or if you have aspirations to make it to the CrossFit Games, check out the Tips for competitive athletes video from Invictus Athlete Coaches CJ Martin, Tino Marini, and Hunter Britt.

Beginner to Intermediate CrossFitters

If you’re pretty new to competitive CrossFit, or you just do it for “fun”, and are looking for an approach for the 2021 Open, this is where you should look for strategy options, especially if you’re not as comfortable with a barbell and if you don’t have aspirations to qualify for the CrossFit Games. In the videos, Coaches Justin Wright and Bern Prince of Invictus Boston will demonstrate the workout using different strategies for this level of athlete.

Adaptive CrossFit Athletes

If you’re an Adaptive Athlete, Invictus and Adaptive Academy Coach, Alec Zirkenbach, will make recommendations will be grouped by how the athlete is going to complete the workout: Standing or Seated. Then by where the major impairment is located on the body for “Standing” athletes: Upper Extremity or Lower Extremity. As always, make smart choices for yourself or your athletes based on their specific conditions and fitness levels.

21.3 & 21.4 Tips for Competitive Athletes

Additional tips for movements covered in this video include:

Toes-to-Bar: Having trouble stringing together your toes to bar? Check out this video for three tips on how to get your kip in sync for multiple reps in a row.

Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups: Invictus Gymnastics Coach, Travis Ewart, breaks down the Butterfly C2B Pull-Up so you can make those reps easier, string them together and hit the necessary movement standards.

Bar Muscle-Ups: Invictus Gymnastics Coach, Travis Ewart, talks about how to connect reps of bar muscle-ups (BMU) by focusing on the drop-down portion of the swing.

21.3 & 21.4 Tips for Beginner & Intermediate Athletes

Additional tips for movements covered in this video include:

Toes-to-Bar: The approach to the toes-to-bar is one of the most important aspects of the movement. Starting off rhythm will set you into swings similar to rough seas on a small boat. Check out the simplified version of the toes-to-bar mount and see if you can learn to ease your way to simpler sets!

Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups: Invictus Athlete gymnastics coach Travis Ewart discusses and demonstrates Kipping and Butterfly Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups and how they are related.

Bar Muscle-Ups: Invictus Gymnastics Coach, Travis Ewart, breaks down the Bar Muscle-Up from the set-up to tips for athletes to make sure your reps count.

More tips for CrossFit Open Workouts 21.3 & 21.4…

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Invictus Athlete Programs

If you want an in-depth strategy and a great training program join Invictus Athlete. If you’re over 35, we’re also giving age group strategy for our Invictus Masters. Don’t forget that many of our online programs are now on SugarWOD!

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