Invictus San Diego crew celebrates during the 2023 CrossFit Open

Don’t Want To Do the 2024 CrossFit Open? 
Written by Kelly Sekulovski 

The Open starts next week on Thursday, February 29th! While some might be excited and gearing up to crush the Open, others might be dragging their feet and considering sitting it out. While you might have your reasons, here are some thoughts in response to the most common reasons for not wanting to do the Open

Why don’t you want to do the 2024 CrossFit Open? 


Because I’m not fit enough. 

Saying you won’t do the Open because you aren’t fit enough is like refusing to run a marathon because you aren’t going to win. Do you participate in events like a marathon to win? For most of us: probably not. It’s to say that we were able to do it. Think of the Open like any other event you’ve signed up for: you might not win, but that shouldn’t take away your feeling of self accomplishment for completing all the workouts. 

Because I can’t Rx the workouts. 

Do you refuse to go to the gym on the days that you can’t Rx a workout? Probably not, since almost all of us started doing CrossFit by scaling all of the workouts. Why do we use this logic with the Open? Even if you aren’t doing the Rx division, you can find the level that you belong in and push the intensity on the workout so that you still leave each workout saying “wow that was hard”. 

Because I’m traveling during the Open. 

One of the many benefits of CrossFit are the different communities across the world that all come together for the same purpose each year: to do the Open. Doing a tour of different gyms throughout the Open can be a really cool way to experience the Open and other gym’s traditions, without missing out on the fun!  

Because I’m not better than I was last year.

This can often seem like the truth when you don’t have a true measure or test of your fitness. The Open is a great yearly test to determine if you really have improved in the past year. While you might not see the difference you won’t know unless you have an opportunity to measure. Use this as that opportunity! 

Need last minute preparation for the 2024 CrossFit Open? 

Check out the Invictus Attacking the Open guide. This guide won’t help you get fit in the next week, but it will help you with tips and tricks that can help your overall Open performance! Download the guide for free.

Attacking the Open- download the free guide

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