One set of:
Row x 3 minutes at 70-80% effort
Over-Under Hip Opener x 3 reps in each direction

Two sets of:
“Dumbbell Clean Warm-up”
Squeeze Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift x 6 reps
Single-Arm Dumbbell Hang Power Clean x 3 reps per side
Pause Push-Press x 3 reps per side

Followed by…

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 30 minutes of:
500 Meter Row
40 Double-Unders or Mountain Climbers
300-Foot Overhead Carry (24/16 kg KBs)
20 Dumbbell Thrusters (35/25 lbs)
10 Toes to Bar

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Teresa Trojanowski
Teresa Trojanowski
May 4, 2023 1:19 pm

4 rounds right at the buzzer. Did mountain climbers, 35# DBs for the OH carry

Thiago Lira
Thiago Lira
May 3, 2023 10:08 am

I did 3 rounds. I did 10 cal bike instead of DU, overhead carry I did it with a pair of DB 22kg.

Renato Mendes
Renato Mendes
May 3, 2023 6:12 am

Hi I just came back, 6 years ago I used to follow Invictus Program.
I did 3 rounds + 30 DU.
I scaled the OH Carry

May 3, 2023 4:37 am

3 rounds:
Subbed: 400m run for row and toes to rings

May 3, 2023 3:34 am

Row, Mtn climbers 1 each leg 80 total, 45 lb barbell over head 300 meter, 35 lb db thrusters, 10 toes to bar…. 4 complete rounds 29:47

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