The “Skinny” on Post Workout Supplements
Written by Lindsey Johnson

The beauty of Invictus is that it brings athletes of all ages, sizes and ability levels competing together with one common goal: simply to do their best and possibly make some positive changes. However, as individuals, most of us have different goals. Some are looking to shed a few pounds while some are looking to gain weight and build strength. It’s certainly common to see many of athletes drinking some sort of blended concoction after their workouts and maybe it’s time we talk about why,

Top Three (or Four) Causes of Tendonitis (Part 1 of 4)
Written by Michele Vieux

Some may say I’m injury proned but I say that there’s no way possible I could be so fragile. But I always seem to get injured, even when on a rehab or “safety” program.

Recently, I was doing some research since my hip and wrist pain hasn’t improved over the past few months. I was prompted when taking my Flonase today because the chemical name of Flonase (Fluticasone) sounded a lot like that antibiotic that has been getting all the bad press for causing tendon ruptures, 

Workout of the Day:
Body/Ring Rows – max reps for three sets
(Practice perfection – start each rep at full arm extension, keep your torso rigid in a straight line from the top of your head to your heels, and pull yourself in until your thumbs touch your chest. Elevate your feet to ring level or above if you’re capable of doing so with perfect form.)
and then,
For max reps:
Three minutes of Double-Unders
Three minutes of Clean and Jerk (use approximately 60-65% of your 1-RM)
Two minutes of Double-Unders
Two minutes of Clean and Jerk
One minute of Double-Unders
One minute of Clean and Jerk

Supplements: Nitric Oxide Synthesizers
Written by Mark Riebel

A popular group of supplements that continues to gain attention these days are those that claim to create nitric oxide in the body.

Workout of the Day:
In teams of three, bench press as much weight as possible in 20 minutes.
As soon as you come off the bench, you must complete a 400 meter run before returning to the bar.
Multiply the weight you selected by the number of reps you complete for your team’s score.


Hydroxycut Linked To Liver Damage
Written by Calvin Sun

The FDA has just recently issued a recall on the Hydroxycut line of weight-loss supplements. 23 cases of serious health problems have been reported to the FDA.