Invictus Athlete and coach, The Real Bryce Smith, recovers between workouts with the NormaTec boots.

How to Recover During the CrossFit Open
Written by Brendan Bergson of NormaTec Recovery Systems

Like a virtual CrossFit Games, the Open is both a competition and a community, and at the end of the day, your biggest competition is always yourself. Every Thursday, when the new workouts come out, we all find ourselves simultaneously frightened and inspired. The Open is serious, but it is also a lot of fun. Luckily one of the things that sets CrossFit apart is the incredible support that we all get from each other. You are never alone reaching your goals, and the Open connects athletes all over the globe, which makes it very empowering.

While you are obviously going to be very focused on the workouts themselves and pushing your body to its limits each week, dedicated athletes will also tighten up their lifestyle to strive for their finest results. The Open will infiltrate more than just your weekly workouts. This includes smart nutrition and strong recovery protocols, allowing your true potential to advance. You will find yourself making healthier eating choices, surprising yourself with competitive gains all around, and making your best effort to recover properly so that you can succeed. One of the best ways CrossFit athletes have to help their muscles recover and rejuvenate is with the NormaTec Recovery Systems.

You’ve probably seen your favorite athletes posting in the NormaTec boots on Instagram, as well as legendary coaches like CJ Martin. Or, if you have ever attended an event like Wodapalooza or CrossFit Regionals, there is always a long line at the NormaTec booth where athletes can enjoy free recovery massages onsite. These pneumatic compression devices help top athletes across all sports to recover quickly and effectively, and are the go-to recovery mode for the world’s elite coaches, trainers, and teams trying to keep their athletes in top form.

How Does NormaTec Work?
Sore muscles might be a badge of honor to indicate you have pushed yourself extra hard, but they can also be a detriment to your next workout. The NormaTec PULSE Recovery System uses a sophisticated form of compression to enhance circulation and massage the limbs. On top of feeling amazing, the NormaTec PULSE recovery massage helps with soreness, flushes out lactate, and improves range of motion. The result is a rapid recovery time, and less pain, leaving you profoundly fresh and ready to conquer that next workout even harder than the last.

It doesn’t matter if you are participating in your first Open or your eighth, whether you are completing the workouts Rx or scaled, NormaTec can help you gain that competitive advantage. Recovery is your edge to train harder, push yourself further, and accomplish more. The NormaTec Recovery Systems are a powerful tool in the CrossFit athlete’s arsenal, a proven way to renew yourself after training so that you can get after it every day with a faster, fresher body. That way you can focus on enjoying yourself and crushing your goals every week.

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Susan Carter
Susan Carter
April 5, 2018 3:24 am

If you are too tired after your crossfit – ask these guys to do your Microsoft Excel homework so you can relax more 🙂