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The 4th Annual Invictus Athlete Online Competition – December 14-16, 2015
Written by C.J. Martin

Everyone ready to have some fun for the holidays? How about a little friendly competition with your fellow members of the Invictus online community?

Monday, December 14 through Wednesday, December 16 the daily training on the Invictus Competition blog will be competitive events. Each of the events should be easily performed within the typical training time – 60-90 minutes at most. The events are designed to be challenging, but fun, and provide all of the athletes in our online community with a decent assessment of where they stack up compared to some of the other community members.

There will also be PRIZES!!! The male and female winners will receive a free spot at one of our 2016 Invictus Athletes’ Camps. The second and third place male and female winners will win Invictus Athlete hoodies and t-shirts.

Last year more than 800 athletes participated, and it made for a phenomenal competition. Past winners have had tremendous success at the CrossFit Games – for a full list of top finishers over the last three years, see below.

This is a free, informal and friendly competition. You will be required to do nothing more than post your name and results to the blog for the three days of competition. We fully expect that the honor system will be sufficient and that video will not be necessary to verify results. After all, what is at stake is an opportunity to come train with the Invictus family of athletes and coaches, and it will be pretty damn clear once you’re here if you lied about your results. Nonetheless, if you are putting up some top times/scores, I would LOVE to see videos and share them with the community to inspire others.

Please encourage your friends to participate as well. The more athletes involved in this competition, the more fun it will be!

We look forward to seeing your results, and to inviting a couple of you out to our Athletes’ Camp.

2014 winners
1st – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (5-time Games athlete)
2nd – Mekenzie Riley
3rd – Regan Huckaby (2-time Games Athlete)
4th – Brandy Richardson (3-time Games Team CrossFit 808 Athlete)
5th – Elyse Umeda (2-time individual and 3-time Games Team CrossFit 808 Athlete)

1st – Rasmus Wisbech Andersen (2-time Games Team Invictus Athlete)
2nd – Jeff Evans (2014 Games Athlete)
3rd – Kevin Simons (2-time Games Athlete, 2015 Invictus Athlete & Games competitor)
4th – Joel Munro
5th – Nick Hecht

2013 winners
1st – Kirk Gibson
2nd – Alex Anderson (2015 Games Athlete)
3rd – Jonas Muller (2015 Games Team Athlete)
4th – Julian Serna
5th – Ryan Sunshine

1st – Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (5-time Games athlete)
2nd – Kyla Evers (3-time Games Team CrossFit 808 Athlete)
3rd – Michelle Kinney (4-time CrossFit Games Athlete)
4th – Lauren Fisher (2014 Individual and 2-time Team Invictus Games Athlete)
5th – Talayna Fortunato (3-time CrossFit Games Athlete)

2012 winners
Matt Baird
Zach Anderson (2013 Games Athlete)
Christian Harris
Drew Shamblin
Greg Mountain

Camille Leblanc Bazinet (5-time Games athlete)
Michelle Kinney (4-time Games athlete)
Nichole DeHart (4-time Team Invictus Games Athlete)
Cameron Williams
Elyse Umeda (2-time individual and 3-time Games Team CrossFit 808 Athlete)

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