Person grabbing a barbell about to hook grip

Invictus Weightlifting Tip: Super Hook Grip 
Written by Jared Enderton 

This specific grip on the barbell has been a fundamental part of weightlifting for decades. Have you seen weightlifters wearing straps to keep them connected to the barbell? What if we told you that you could make your own straps, just with your fingers? That’s the power of the hook grip! 

Why use a hook grip? 

This simple trick can make a huge difference! Just by using this grip, you can: 

  • Pull more weight off of the floor 
  • Hang onto a barbell longer without taxing your grip 
  • Save your forearms from burning out 
  • Keeps your grip even on the barbell 
  • Stay attached to the barbell without using lifting straps or grips 

You can read more about the benefits here

What is a super hook grip? 

A common fault with the hook grip is that instead of placing your thumb across the barbell length wise, we tend to place our thumb down. This means we are only really getting a grip on our thumb with the pointer finger vs our other fingers. This helps grip the barbell, but doesn’t fully do what this grip is intended to do. 

That’s why the term “super hook grip” was created! It refers to the proper way to grip and ensure you are getting more leverage from your other fingers.

Learn more in this video from Coach Jared! 

Invictus Weightlifting 

If you are looking to improve your Olympic lifts and learn more helpful tips like these from Coach Jared, Invictus Weightlifting is the remote program for you. You can pick between a 3 day track or a 5 day track to add onto your regular training to ensure you are hitting your Olympic lifts and skill work. 

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