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Variety: the next step in your nutrition journey
Written by Fritz Nugent 

Have you been mastering your calories and macros for a while now? Feeling like an expert and on a steady regimen in your nutrition journey? You have done the hard part and laid the groundwork of your healthy habits and are surely reaping the benefits of your diligent work.

Now are you wondering what’s next in your nutritional journey? Let’s talk about adding variety! 

Adding variety in your nutrition journey

Adding variety is a worthwhile exploration along one’s nutritional journey. It seems like you have mastered calories and macros, and micronutrients are almost mastered. The next step is adding more variety to help ensure the longevity of this nutritional approach through reduction of nutritional burn-out and a hedging against the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Ways to add variety in your nutrition journey

Protein suggestions

1) shop at different stores for your meat

2) buy different meat cuts, or different sources (bison vs beet, or try a new fish)

3) mix up your seasoning

4) try a new recipe with a meat you eat regularly to expand your cooking ability

Carbohydrate suggestions 

1) shop at different stores for your carbohydrates

2) buy different varieties of your foods (there are over 5000 different types of potatoes…, rice, pasta, bread, etc.)

3) mix up your cooking method (bake, oven, slow cooker stew, air fryer, raw in a salad, etc.)

4) mix up your seasonings

5) try a new recipe

Fat suggestions

1) try different sources for your cooking oil: butter, ghee, and oils

2) try different types or sources of nuts and avocados

Fruit suggestions 

1) try different stores or order from a seasonal organic farm

2) try different fruits you don’t usually eat

Vegetable suggestions 

1) try different stores or order from a seasonal organic farm

2) try different vegetables you don’t usually eat

3) mix up your cooking method

4) add a new vegetable and cook it with a vegetable you already eat!


Specific examples of variety in your nutrition journey 


If you roast potatoes, add in leeks, beets, yams, rutabaga, radishes, or fennel


If you usually make burgers with ground beef, try the same recipe with bison or ground turkey or chicken. Sick of burgers? Make tacos with the ground meat. 


If you usually cook rice in a rice cooker, try on the stove and brown some onion and garlic in the pan first, then cook in the rice, and if you usually cook the rice in water, try adding in some beef or chicken broth or bone broth to change the flavor and nutrient profile.


There are literally endless combinations. Each jump in learning requires you to explore, be open to making bad dishes sometimes, and improve your cooking and meal planning and preparation skills. It’s a fun and rewarding journey. Good luck! 

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