Transformation photo with a before and after picture of a man who has lost a significant amount of weight.

No Excuses: a Transformation Story
Written by Kim McLaughlin

It’s easy to make excuses to skip the gym. You’re too tired. You had a bad day. Your kids kept you up late. The list goes on.

When you experience these days of trying to “let yourself off the hook”, do you remind yourself of your goal, or do you fall back into old habits? Do you ask yourself just how badly you want it, and what you are willing to do to get there? 

Pushing through the mental battle of getting to the gym no matter the circumstances can be the difference between you achieving your dreams, and you staying stuck right where you’re at. 

Meet Darrell Fulton 

The very first day Darrell showed up at Invictus, he walked into the gym looking like he was ready to go to work, not to workout.  It turns out, Darrell planned to take the bus to get to Invictus every single day— at 5 in the morning to make the 6 am class – and he didn’t want to travel in gym attire. 

A few years ago, Darrell weighed 260 pounds and was experiencing hardships in both his marriage, and his physical and mental health. “It was a life-or-death situation that left me with no choice but to take action,” said Darrell. 

Darrell's before photo when he weighted 260 pounds.

Darrell discovered Invictus during his commute to work when his bus would stop right in front of the gym, and he noticed people in there working hard. “I felt like I had hit a fitness plateau and wasn’t making progress. I realized that if I wanted to make fundamental changes in my life and reflect the mental growth I’d experienced, I needed to step up my fitness game and fully engage in a new fitness routine.”

Darrell’s results didn’t come overnight, but through his consistent commitment to getting on the bus every morning at 5am to make it to the gym, he was able to accomplish a total body transformation. “Reflecting on my fitness journey, I’ve realized that sometimes, it might have been tempting to skip a workout or do fewer reps. However, I’ve come to understand that showing up and fully committing to each workout is essential for my overall health and progress.” 


Darrell's after photo where he is fit, and looks happy.

Overcome Your Roadblocks

There will always be roadblocks in the way of you achieving something. Some of those roadblocks we create ourselves, and others are circumstances we are dealt. 

When times are tough, all you can do is stay the course and get on that 5am bus.

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