Invictus Athlete making aggressive barbell contact during a snatch at the CrossFit Games.

Making Barbell Contact for Olympic Weightlifting
Written by Jared Enderton

Do you make aggressive contact with the barbell in your Olympic weightlifting? 

Bar body contact is absolutely CRUCIAL to consistent and strong weightlifting. Every single top weightlifter in the world you will see makes very aggressive contact in both lifts. It allows us to transfer our force from our legs and hips into the bar all at one time. Making barbell contact is especially important in Olympic lifting. 

Making contact in the Snatch

When we snatch, we need to be making contact at the belt line (hip) for the barbell to transfer our force overhead.   

Making contact in the Clean 

When we clean, it’s going to be anywhere from mid thigh to the hip (most likely high thigh) to get the barbell to the front rack position.  

What happens if we don’t make contact with the barbell? 

If we don’t make contact, or even if the contact is soft – we can’t transfer all of our force directly into the barbell. That sharp contact is a complete game changer for most when they first learn it. Let’s make sure that we are making SOLID contact in both lifts!

Barbell contact drill

Here is a good drill to do JUST to get used to making contact:

Practice barbell contact in your Olympic Lifts

It will take some time to get used to, and you won’t get it right every time. Just stick with it and commit to making contact and in 2-3 months your consistency and olympic lifts will skyrocket!

Invictus Weightlifting 

Master the art of barbell contact and many other skills to excel in your Olympic Lifts and gain the strength and technique you need. 

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