Thanksgiving Table with assortment of foods

Thanksgiving This or That With Invictus Games Athletes
Written by Luke Layton and Kelly Sekulovski

Warning: this blog will be talking about something very controversial… Thanksgiving foods. Proceed with caution. 

To celebrate Thanksgiving, we asked a few of our CrossFit Games athletes here at Invictus to take part in a fun little “this or that” game for Thanksgiving food and traditions. 

The topics up for debate: 

Thanksgiving this or that

The Players: 

  • Tyler Soderback, a member of the 2023 CrossFit Games Team Invictus Unconquerable
  • Kelsey Shulte, a member of the 2023 CrossFit Games Team CrossFit Invictus Sea of Green
  • Chandler Smith, 4x CrossFit Games individual athlete
  • Devyn Kim, a member of the 2023 Fittest Team on Earth: CrossFit Invictus
  • Emily Rethwill, another member of the 2023 CrossFit Games Team Invictus Unconquerable
  • Joshua Al-Chamaa, another member of the 2023 Fittest Team on Earth: CrossFit Invictus
  • Jenn Ryan, the 2023 3rd Fittest 40-44 year old woman on Earth
  • Cheryl Brost, the 2023 Fittest 50-54 year old woman on Earth

Thanksgiving this or that

Turkey or ham?

The answers:

  • Tyler: “Turkey”
  • Kelsey: “Ham”
  • Chandler: “Turkey every day. Especially turkey legs”
  • Devyn: “Turkey, no duh”
  • Emily: “Ham”
  • Josh: “Turkey” (*note that Josh also created his own question, Thanksgiving or Christmas to which he replied, “Christmas”)
  • Jenn: “Turkey”
  • Cheryl: “Turkey”

Turkey prevails!


Cornbread or rolls?

The answers: 

  • Tyler: “Rolls”
  • Kelsey: “Cornbread”
  • Chandler: “Rolls with extra butter!”
  • Devyn: “This is impossible you can’t even compare cornbread and rolls you need both but let’s go cornbread”
  • Emily: “Rolls”
  • Josh: “Cornbread”
  • Jenn: “Cornbread”
  • Cheryl: “Rolls”

The great cornbread and roll debate concludes at a tie.


gravy or cranberry sauce?

The answers:

  • Tyler: “Gravy”
  • Kelsey: “Neither *puke emoji*”
  • Chandler: “Gravy is more versatile”
  • Devyn: “Gravy”
  • Emily: “Cranberry sauce”
  • Josh: “Both”
  • Jenn: “Cranberry sauce”
  • Cheryl: “Cranberry sauce”

Another tie, thanks to a both and puke emoji pick! 


Apple pie or pumpkin pie?

The answers: 

  • Tyler: “Apple pie”
  • Kelsey: “Apple pie”
  • Chandler’s hot take: “Apple because pumpkin is a vegetable and a vegetable pie is crazy”
  • Devyn: “I don’t like either… give me cheesecake”
  • Emily: “No pie just the whip”
  • Josh: “Apple pie”
  • Jenn: “Pumpkin pie”
  • Cheryl: “Both”

Apple pie claims the win, while Devyn enjoys option C(heesecake) and Emily enjoys straight whip. 


Watch football or watch holiday movies?

The answers: 

  • Tyler: “Football”
  • Kelsey: “Football baby”
  • Chandler: “Football, go Cowboys”
  • Devyn: “Holiday movies”
  • Emily: “Holiday movies”
  • Josh: “Football, then movie”
  • Jenn: “Football”
  • Cheryl: “Both”

The Invictus thanksgiving will certainly need 2 TVs.


Dress up or comfy clothes

The answers: 

  • Tyler: “Casual clothes that are nicer (don’t dress like a bum) “
  • Kelsey: “Comfy’s”
  • Chandler: “Comfy clothes”
  • Devyn: “Comfy clothes always”
  • Emily: “Comfy clothes”
  • Josh: “Always comfy”
  • Jenn: “Comfy”
  • Cheryl: “Comfy clothes”

Unanimous agreement that comfy clothes are a must. 


Walk it off or take a nap?

The answers: 

  • Tyler: “Take a nap, then play video games”
  • Kelsey: “Walk it off”
  • Chandler: “Walk it off, always need the steps”
  • Devyn: “Walk it off THEN nap”
  • Emily: “Walk it off”
  • Josh: “Nap”
  • Jenn: “Walk”
  • Cheryl: “Take a nap”

Thanks to our athletes for playing along, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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