Invictus athlete doing perfect handstand push-ups because she enrolled in Invictus Gymnastics.

Common Handstand Push-Up Problems
Written by: Travis Ewart

Having handstand push-up problems? We see a LOT of these recurring handstand push-up problems scrolling through Instagram or watching athletes compete. Do you relate to any of these issues? Then it’s a sign that you need to work on your handstand push-ups.

Which handstand push-up problem are you guilty of?

1. The Slow Descender

This is the overly cautious athlete (maybe for good reason) who burns up the majority of their energy on the descent portion of the handstand push-up. It leaves nothing in the tank to finish the handstand push-up.

2. The Headstander

This athlete thinks it’s better to rest on their head then to finish the rep and rest on their feet. Once you lose tension in the shoulders and the pecs it’s hard to press back out of the headstand from a dead stop.

3. The Redliner

This athlete burns up all their energy until they cannot do any more reps and then ends up having to rest on their feet until their shoulders have energy once again. This can take much longer to recover from than coming off the wall before they reach complete failure as their next set will start sooner.

4. The Perfect Positioner

“I just need to find the right hand placement coach!” This athlete spends so much time preparing for the movement that they’ve already toasted their shoulders completely! Just get up and go!


Ready to fix your HSPU issues?

If you are ready to improve your handstand push-ups and other gymnastics skills, enroll in Invictus Gymnastics today! The Open is coming and so is the gymnastics, get ready and don’t let handstand push-ups stand in your way this year.

Invictus athlete Jenn Ryan performing a ring muscle-up.

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