Strategy for CrossFit Games Age Group Online Qualifiers

Did you make AGOQ?! Congrats! Check out what Invictus Athlete Coaches Hunter Britt and Holden Rethwill have to say as they discuss their best ideas for strategies for the workouts happening this weekend. If you are a member of the Invictus Masters online program, check your program for written strategy and warm-ups from Coach Nichole Kribs for each day’s workouts.

AGOQ Test 1 Movement Tips:

Big or Short Swing for Toes-to-Bar?
How to Butterfly Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Breaking Down Bar Muscle-Ups
Wall Facing HSPU

AGOQ Test 2 Movement Tips:

Chest-to-Wall Handstand Push-Ups
Hand Position for HSPU to Save Your Shoulders & Triceps
Overcome the Mental Aspect of Weightlifting

AGOQ Test 3 Movement Tips:

Shuttle Runs
Rope Climb Foot Lock
Rope Climb Descent
Bench Press Technique for Unracking the Bar

AGOQ Test 4 Movement Tips:

Breathing Tips for Rowing
Tips & Tricks for More Efficient Thrusters




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