Snatch Start Position & Common Faults
Video by Jared Enderton

The most technical movement in the sport of Olympic Lifting is the snatch. Taking the barbell from the floor, to the overhead position in one swift, graceful movement takes patience and practice. When training the fast-pace, high rep snatches, it is easy to teach yourself improper technique, which then needs to be un-learned when trying to improve the lift itself.

Getting set up well in the snatch is as important as tying your shoes in the morning. Setting your feet in the right place, making sure your back is tight, and shoulder position is dialed in will make or break your lift. Invictus Weightlifting Coach, Jared Enderton gives you some great tips on making sure you are set up for success in the snatch.

After you dial in your set-up, it’s crucial to maintain strong positioning throughout the rest of the lift. Here are three common mistakes in the snatch, and some drills to do to practice proper positioning.

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