Why Do We Single-Leg Deadlift if We Have Two Legs?
Written by Cat Blatner

Do you incorporate single-leg work into your warm-up? If your answer is no, you might want to consider it. This unilateral activation is super beneficial to get ready for any training routine – not just for activation but also to correct imbalances you might have in your ankles, knees, hips glutes or midline. Working on just one leg at a time will expose weaknesses or imbalances you might not have known even existed. Work these into your daily routine. Keep in mind these are to be performed for perfect reps. If you are having trouble with balance or control, lower the weight and slow down your tempo!

Set up:
1) Start with your feet under your hips and maintain a neutral spine.
2) Hold kettlebell with two hands
3) Bend one knee to lift that foot off of the floor
4) Hinge at your hips and reach your elevated leg back behind you
5) Feel your weight shift to your heel in your planted foot as you hinge

Your priority should be keeping the spine neutral throughout the entire lift. If at any point you feel your spine start to round, modify your range of motion to a point where you can move with a completely neutral spine.

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