The Right Way to Paloff
Video by Zak Roser

The Paloff press variations are a great way to build awareness of the torso relative to the pelvis. During compound lifts, dynamic drills, running and more, the pelvis plays a crucial role in supporting the body to be it’s most efficient. For example, the pelvis needs to be “tucked” in order to achieve proper glute and core activation.

This is precisely the reason I use the Paloff isometric hold in my class warm-ups at Invictus on squatting days. It allows the athlete to feel how easy it is to lose engagement when they drop their hips back or anteriorly rotate their pelvis. This concept can be applied to many other lifts and exercises but the squat is a great example.

Also, this exercise forces athletes to learn how to translate energy into stronger parts of the body. Since the tension is in front of the body, it requires the energy to move through the shoulders into the core and glutes. Making sure the main point of stress is not the arms or shoulders.

The Paloff movements are great ab accessory drills and anti-rotation drills to work into your routine as well. Give them a try and let us know what you think. Ready? Activate!

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Jason Mottershead
Jason Mottershead
August 27, 2019 9:26 am

How about a video on pallof press in a squat?

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