2023 CrossFit Games Age Group Results for Invictus

Invictus had 10 age group athletes representing us at the 2023 CrossFit Games – 8 Masters and 2 Teens. We actually had 9 Masters qualify but a week before the competition began, Art Erickson had to medically withdraw and so he was unable to prove himself in Madison this year. Of the 10 who competed, every single one showed their true grit, giving full effort on each event they tackled. At the end of their week, 6 stood on the podium with 4 in the top position! They are all champs in our hearts though!

We will add more highlights, details, results, and behind-the-scenes looks as we process last week’s events but for now, here are the final results:

Invictus Teen Athletes

Marley Francis (14-15) – 4th Place

Marley looked like an absolute veteran out on the competition floor even though this was her first ever CrossFit Games! Even more impressive she was the youngest out of all of the girls in her division and she showed that she belongs with a 4th place finish. The highlight of the weekend for Marley was Consistency! She did not have a single event finish outside of the top 6. We are so excited for Marley as she heads into the next season!

Jeremie Jourdan (14-15) – 1st Place

Let’s just call him the Fittest 15-year-old on earth! Jeremie showed the heart of a champion and made Invictus proud out on the competition floor. After a disappointing last-place finish in “Helen”, Jeremie went on to place in the top 3 for the final five events of the completion. He saved his only event win for the final event of the competition, this would seal his CrossFit Games championship. We are excited for Jermeie to make the trip down to San Diego more often this year as he continues to improve.

Invictus Masters Athletes

Sam Dancer (35-39) – 1st Place

Sam Dancer made a statement to the entire fitness community this weekend with a dominant performance as he was crowned Fittest on Earth! His training with Matt Bickel and Chandler Smith in Denver, CO throughout July seemed to pay huge dividends as he always he something extra in the tank. Sam took first place in “pulling power” which incorporated some heavy sled pulls. His event win in this came as no surprise because Sam is the C0-founder of Invictus Sled Club! The highlight of the weekend came throughout each event for Sam as he was able to celebrate each event with his wife Jenn and daughter Star, cheering him on right at the finish line.

Jenn Ryan (40-44) – 3rd Place

Jenn Ryan is the definition of consistency! The 6-time Games veteran came into this competition looking to be standing on the podium. She accomplished that goal in style with a 3rd-place overall finish. The highlight of the weekend came for Jenn when she took first place in “Helen”. Jenn was in great spirits all weekend as she was able to compete with longtime friend Sam Briggs.

Cheryl Brost (50-54) – 1st Place

Cheryl competed with Joy all weekend! She had her entire family in Madison to support her as she competed in her 10th-ever CrossFit Games. Cheryl would make everyone proud this weekend as she went on to win the entire competition and be crowned Fittest on Earth. She had four first-place finishes and competed like a true champion all weekend long. Chasing at her heels throughout the weekend was one of her best friends and training partners, Nicole Abbott!

Nicole Abbott (50-54) – 2nd Place

This was Nicole’s third CrossFit Games and her highest-ever finish, standing on the podium in second place! No one is ever happy with a second but this came easier for Nicole because her longtime training partner, Cheryl Brost was able to stand at the top of the podium. The highlight of the weekend comes from the back-and-forth battle that Nicole and Cheryl would have that ended in just a 20-point difference.

Kevin Koester (55-59) – 1st Place

Joe Lopez (55-59) – 8th Place

Debbie Downing (60-64) – 4th Place

John Mariotti (65+) – 9th Place

Invictus Masters & Athlete Programs

Invictus Athlete+ and Masters+ are our preferred program and are what our Games athletes follow. They are designed for athletes looking to compete in the sport of fitness beyond the CrossFit Open. You will follow the Invictus Athlete Program or Masters (you have access to both) but we have built in several additional options in the training program that will allow athletes to prioritize elements of their fitness that need the most work. Each day incorporates a mix of primary work that all athletes will perform, and accessory options that athletes will select based on their specific needs. This comprehensive training program will incorporate all facets of strength, skill and energy system development into your training, and also address the areas preventing you from reaching your full potential. Masters+ also places a year round emphasis on mobility and stability exercises, and movements that we have seen directly benefit master athletes.

If you want to follow one of these programs but don’t have the desire to compete past the Open and/or don’t have the time for additional sessions each day, then the Athlete and Masters versions are exactly what you’re looking for. They include everything mentioned above except the accessory options and will allow you to complete your daily program in 90 minutes or less. Check out our full array of programming (including options for general health and fitness) on the Invictus SugarWOD Marketplace.

Off-Season Cycle

The name of this cycle is very appropriate for the focus. Our first off-season cycle of 2023 is all about getting stronger, improving aerobic capacity, and building some foundational gymnastic abilities. The cycle begins on August 7th and will take you through October 1, 2023 (8 weeks). Learn more…

The Championship Special!

In celebration of all the Invictus successes this weekend, we are giving all new sign-ups for Invictus Athlete+, Athlete, Masters+, Masters 50% off during the entire month of August! Sign up in August and receive 50% your first month with us with CODE: INVICTUS50


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August 12, 2023 2:11 pm

Great job and congratulations to all of our Invictus Master’s Athletes!!!

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