Chandler Smith CrossFit Games

There is not much else to say besides Chandler Smith is the 7th Fittest Man on Earth! This has been a turbulent season for Chandler it was amazing to see him find peace throughout the turbulence. He came into the Games with a strong headspace and the determination to attack every event. Throughout the weekend he would sit as high as 3rd place overall and was in the podium conversation through the final event. The weekend’s highlight came from a top seven finish in the “Inverted Medely” and “Ski Bag”. For extra style points during the “Inverted Medely” Chandler was rocking the Purple Puma Lamelo Ball signature shoes.

CrossFit Invictus

Chandler and his wife, Jessi (who was on Team Invictus Unconquerable) made the move to San Diego this past year to join the Invictus Camp and we couldn’t be more pleased. Their positive energy and hard work have permeated not only the other athletes at camp but the entire Invictus San Diego gym community. Chandler has been a huge part of both the Invictus Run Club and Invictus Volleyball Club which are weekly community-building activities led by gym members.

Road to the Games

If we were to describe Chandler’s 2023 season in one word it would be, inspiring. He came into the season with his goal of getting back to the CrossFit Games after an asthma attack during the 2022 semifinals in Minessota caused him to miss out on making another trip to the Games. He crushed the Open placing 39th worldwide. Then leading into quarterfinals he suffered a broken wrist from a bike accident. He decided that would not stop him and with just sheer effort and determination was able to complete all of the quarterfinals tests. I should mention he didn’t just complete them…he placed 24th in the world on a broken wrist. The Buttery Bros were in town that weekend to document it all HERE. Getting through the quarterfinals was all the momentum Chandler needed and would put on a classy performance at the West Coast Semifinals where he placed 6th overall and qualified for his 4th CrossFit Games. Throughout the year training at Invictus Chandler became very close with Sam Dancer and Matt Bickel. Those three decided to complete their Games training at Matt’s house in Denver, CO accurately dubbed the “Rocky Mountain House of Fitness”.

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